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Ecuador Ends Novel Plan to Save Rainforest

After several years of trying to protect one of the most undeveloped parts of the Amazonian rainforest, Ecuador has ended an attempt to get the rest of the world to contribute money to only today cheap levitra order online offset that nation's need to exploit the region for its oil wealth. The Yasuni National Park is an incredibly biodiverse, undeveloped region in eastern Ecuador, on the border of Peru. The park comprises an area of 9,820 square kilometers (3,792 sq. miles) in the headwaters of the Amazon. There are also an estimated 800 million barrels of crude oil in the region.

As with conservation land trusts, and carbon offsets, and similar kinds of preservation efforts, the government of Ecuador sought payment equal to half of the oil's commercial value ($3.6 billion in 2007) in exchange for leaving it untouched and online prescription propecia remaining in the ground. Not only would that prevent the damage that development of the region for oil production would cause, but it would also help to sequester that volume of oil from eventually adding to the growing amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

To date, there has been little support for this initiative. Only a tiny portion ($6.5 million) of the money that Ecuador sought has been offered, so President Rafael Correa has now announced an end to the program:

President Correa said scrapping the program was one of the hardest decisions of his presidency. "The real dilemma is this," he said in a televised address last week. "Do we protect 100 percent of the Yasuní and have no resources to meet the urgent needs of cheap cialis with fast delivery our people, or do buy cialis uk we save 99 percent of it and have $18 billion to fight poverty?"

While the premise seemed to make good sense from a global perspective, its timing couldn't have been worse; the proposal was begun in 2007, just as the brand cialis for sale financial crises triggering the Great Recession were flaring up. This shouldn't necessarily be read as a failure of the approach in general, but rather a first, grand-scale attempt that didn't work out. Hopefully there will be future attempts like this, and they will have better results.

image: CC BY 3.0 by Jorge.kike.medina/Wikimedia Commons

via: NPR - Planet Money

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Kickstarter? Indiegogo?
written by gmoke, September 03, 2013
Maybe Ecuador (or some group like Rainforest Action Network) should go directly to the people and start a crowd funding initiative to save this area. Worth a shot. If the world's governments won't step up, perhaps the world's people will.
written by Wendy Zearfoss Curry, September 29, 2013
Sounds like a great idea. How do we get it started?
Water secrets
written by Stephen Muires, November 01, 2013
In 2011 I moved to Stockholm. That entailed a period in my life where I met loads and loads of people. It was a bit strange, because I wasn't looking to meet people. I was simply open to indian levitra generic that possibility. One of the people that I met in those first months was an American who had been in Sweden for many years. I am not sharing his name here, for the moment he remains anonymous. His interests and passion revolved around trying to do something for the environment, in particular the minimizing and cleaning up of pollution of all kinds.

On and off we stayed in touch during the last 2-3 years. My friend dropped off the radar for some months. I learned later that the Universe had given him the discount generic levitra experience of life without friends, money, job, and even a place to live. Luckily it was summer in Sweden at that time smilies/smiley.gif

When we met again the currents of no prescription levitra fate had begun to turn. My friend had been acquainted with a Swedish inventor, named Sven Erik, since a number of years. This inventor has been searching into the properties of water, from a solid engineering and scientific background. The story of this search has been posted on no prescription tramadol delivered a blog, and it makes for very interesting reading. (You can find it here:

My friend is now working as a public relations guy for HydroInfra, the company that has been formed to develop this hydro nano gas water invention.

I would like to point out here that the claims made on this blog and no prescription order viagra online the website are rather mind-boggling. Even unbelievable. This may not be obvious from the blog article, but I would like to highlight something from the documentation. The water-based invention that has been developed by is able to reduce the emission of sulfur and carbon monoxide from diesel engines. What is unbelievable is that it claims to be able to reduce this emission to nonprescription viagra almost nothing!

Now I don't know the science. I cannot evaluate if this so-called invention is a wisp of smoke that will disappear when real industrial applications need to be put into practice. Maybe that is what will happen. If so... that's too bad.

But I'd like to dream. What if water really does contain secrets that modern science has been probing but not unlocking? What about the Masaru Emoto ice crystals that prove that water is more than just a dead chemical substance that is very convenient for brushing your teeth in the morning and for taking showers? What about the myth of water memory that is being applied world-wide in homeopathic medicine?

What if the pollution that is slowly killing the Earth could be eliminated through some little-known property of free trial of viagra water?
So there's some people here in Sweden who are saying that they want to do exactly that. Amazing.

Some might argue, would it not be better to simply stop polluting the Earth, stop the engines, the ships, the cars, the factories, the electricity generators? Well, that is not an option, is it? You are able to read this article because of electricity. The electricity was generated using environmentally destructive processes. I am guessing you want to continue enjoying the benefits of electricity. It would be an enormous grace and miracle if that could be done in a clean way, no longer destroying the oceans and the air, but keeping them clean.

I am supporting that possibility and that dream.

written by SaveTheRainforest, November 22, 2013
It's really sad that the political world still doesn't understand how important the we deliver to canada viagra rainforest is. There is only so much money to go around and Ecuador's President must consider his people's needs. It's a long process, but educating the world to understand how valuable and buy viagra online canadian health necessary the rainforest is to the global environment is key to gaining financial support. Articles like this can only help.

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