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DEC 11

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"We made a instant On/Off system using FeRAM."

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Super Fast Memory Could Be Key to Low-Power Instant Booting

samsungflashchipResearchers have recently announced a new type of viagra soft tabs canada computer memory that is "500 to 1,000 times faster than flash memory while using half the power."

This has implications for all kinds of portable electronics like digital cameras, phones, mp3 players, and computers. Like flash memory, the new phase-change memory is non-volatile, meaning that it does not require constant power to maintain the information being stored.

Even more exciting, truly speedy, low-power, non-volatile memory could be the final solution to long boot times. Not only would your laptop require way less energy, but it could decrease boot times to hardly noticeable waits and good choice cialis one a day increase the speed of the operating system hugely. Of course, this would only be possible if you could fit the operating system on the purchase viagra without prescription phase-change drive, or card, or whatever form it eventually comes in. 

But that shouldn't be a problem as the storage density of this new type of memory is roughly twice that of today's flash drives and on par with 2015 projections for flash memory. 

This is a preliminary research announcement, being presented at the current session of the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) 2006 International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) in San Francisco, and it will be some time before this becomes something available in consumer devices.

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Are We There Yet?
written by Matt, December 12, 2006
I've been waiting for NVRAM drives for a decade now. This new technology sounds exciting. Sure hope I live to see it..... sigh.
Until then...
written by GTW, December 14, 2006
If you want to boot windows in seconds, you could always go for a RAM harddrive like Gigabyte's i-RAM (

Btw, the non-volatile stuff needs development from all sides. If you have a non-volatile internal harddisk that's as fast as your primary memory, you still need to be able to run programs directly off it without loading it to primary memory (standard RAM) first to get the benefits. In other words we're talking about the primary memory itself in the form of a hard drive. Also the operating systems need to be re-designed around this new idea of "disk is as fast as primary memory and there is no volatile primary memory" idea. Either way we're looking at a long wait considering that OS developers like Microsoft should start to incorporate this idea around the time next big Windows is buy tramadol 100 finished to have it available when the viagra tablets for sale hardware is there (i.e. 2015).

Also, since the way memory is handled is fundamentally different here, there will need to be two (more) versions of Windows simultaneously at first for backward compatibility. Let's not even talk about how software must be redesigned to avoid reading from disk to memory... wow... it sounds like quite a wait! :(
written by Snappy!, December 20, 2006
The technology is called XIP, eXecute-In-Place. MS already had this for handheldPCs back in the mid or late 90s. Granted it could be complicated, if not disasterous, to make modification to windows to incorporate XIP. Seeing how Vista has so many features stripped, I can imagine how XIP would be like very far down the waiting list.

On the other hand, Vista seem to incorporate a secondary ram thingie on viagra online pharmacy usa flash memory such as USB thumb drives. It's supposed to online sellers of cialis and viagra speed up execution and I think boot-up as well.

So called instant-on devices like PDAs had always been always-idle-on rather than actually switched off. Granted, even the cool-boot sequence for these devices are usually still fast enough to be instant-on.

Perhaps some competition from other OSes could drive them to focus on it, or better yet, displace windows as the dominant OS.

Linux and Apple could really turn the tables if their next OS version is instant-on! Linux's desktop is eye-candy enough already, and so is Apple. Some *real* innovation would be instant-on start-up.
Instant On/Off system is cialis mastercard here!
written by NECSST, January 08, 2009
We made a instant On/Off system using FeRAM.

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