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"Best way is to recycle your E-waste at recycling facilities which will..."

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Recycling CDs for Wastewater Treatment

Someone has finally come up with an upcycling use for old CD discs. Din Ping Tsai, a physicist at National Taiwan University, has developed a small, low-power method for treating wastewater using UV light and buy discount levitra online zinc oxide applied to the CDs. Using old CDs as a substrate to coat with zinc oxide provides a low cost layer which can be spun as water is levitra online india applied, creating a thin film of buy pfizer viagra in canada water which more effectively interacts with the photocatalytic layer of zinc oxide nanorods. In tests, the device was able to break down over 95% of the cialis compare levitra viagra contaminants after an hour of treatment.

Though this could be a wonderful application for old CDs, it's unlikely to solve the waste accumulation from billions of old CDs. The number used for this treatment system, even if it becomes widely adopted, is going to the best site canada viagra no prescription be a tiny fraction of the total production of CDs (which, at present is about 20 billion CDs per year).

"The spinning disk reactor is small, consumes little power, and processes contaminated water more efficiently than other photocatalytic wastewater treatment methods, Tsai says. The device could be used on a small scale to clean water contaminated with domestic sewage, urban run-off, industrial effluents, and farm waste. Going forward, the team is also working on ways to increase the efficiency of the reactor, and Tsai estimates that the system could soon be improved to work even faster, perhaps by creating layers of levitra for sale online stacked disks."

While the system seems best suited to small installations, rather than big, municipal facilities, it is nevertheless an interesting system, and the ability to also deal with an e-waste issue at the same time as creating equipment for effective wastewater treatemt is a positive synergy.

via: Treehugger

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What's wrong with…
written by Kenneth Glick, October 11, 2013
What's wrong with using CDs to play music or store data? Don't tell me they've been replaced just as CDs replaced cassette tapes years back?
Extract the wow)) canadian pharmacy online carbon
written by Carlos, October 13, 2013
There is not much use for worn out CDs. The best way to buy overnight tramadol process them is 50mg cialis retail price the burn them and thus extract the carbon they contain.
written by Seacourt, October 16, 2013
Is this a safe method with no environmental damage?
negative effect?
written by Enje, October 27, 2013
so it doesn't have any negative effect on the environment?
written by Greenesign, November 22, 2013
I would say it requires further research - hardly it's going to be widely accepted.
written by Lauren, February 14, 2014
How long could each CD be used in this way before disposal? Is it worth the costs (financial and environmental) to collect transport old CDs for this purpose?
written by Anne, February 27, 2014
Best way is to recycle your E-waste at recycling facilities which will make sure that such E-waste is disposed of in well manner without polluting environment & you may also get extra buck for your trash

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