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DEC 12

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"So what? Marijauna is the heaviest seed bearing plant on Earth and the best choice buy cialis from canada has..."

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Genetically Modified Yeast Produce More Ethanol

yeastleftWe at EcoGeek don't talk a lot about genetically modified organisms. It's one basket where we're generally not prepared to put our journalistic eggs. Like nuclear power, we've never been certain whether genetic manipulation will come to more harm than good. Our policy on both is cialis cheap no prescription very similar to the Bush Administration's policy on climate change...more research is necessary.

But we're gonna go ahead and say that this is pretty cool. I honestly can't complain when scientists make yeast produce more ethanol more quickly from organic materials. We need more ethanol and we need to get it from cheap sources without a doubt. These little organisms can withstand higher sugar and ethanol concentrations and can convert sugars to ethanol more quickly.

We look forward to hearing more from these guys at MIT.

Via Science Daily
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Alcohol Production Increase From Non-GM
written by Simon Hall, December 13, 2006
Aussie scientists have managed to get a similar result from selective breeding of yeast - with resorting to GM.
written by Ken Gorman, December 14, 2006
So what? Marijauna is the heaviest seed bearing plant on Earth and has already been recognized as the best renewable fuel source ever. But you don't want to hear that, do you?

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