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The Best of the Best: Folding Bikes

Bicycle commuting rocks. It's healthy, safe, fast, cheap and best place to buy viagra in canada the only emission is what the biker breathes out. But it does have it's problems. One is that bikes generally have a very awkward shape. If there is no bike rack, or if you want to follow link generic levitra for sale go somewhere with your bike, you're reduced to lugging a very cumbersome package around with you.
Well what if there was a bike you could fit in your trunk, that was the size of a briefcase, or that you could take on the subway. That sure would be nice.
Thus, the concept of levitra in australia for sale the folding bike. You might be surprised to learn that there are actually quite a lot of these guys out there. They range from the click here levitra how much practical to the nonsensical and from frugal to near-car prices. And today, at EcoGeek, we're going to show you the best of the folding bikes.
citizen Let's start out with the cheapest. If your loved one needs a folding bicycle this season, Citizen is probably the brand for you. First, because they're widely available in America. Second, because they're on a super sale right now, at only $170 USD. This gives us a good example of what most folding bikes these days look like, with a low center of gravity and small wheels. 
And now, we move  immediately into what is honestly the strangest bike I've ever seen. The A-Bike promises that it is the world's smallest and lightest folding bike. I wouldn't doubt it. It's about 6 kilograms and you can get one in england for about 200 pounds. But, really, is that actually going to work?  From what I know about bicycles, the angular momentum of the tires is what keeps you steady. I'm not a physicist, but it looks to me like this would be fairly impossible to ride steadily. But I could be wrong... 

A lot of designers seem to think "While I'm trying out one untested technology, I might as well incorporate two." And that's what happened with these next two examples. The Jacknife is a prototype folding bike that simply doubles over on itself. Most bikes can't do this because of the traditional chain/gear system. The Jacknife, instead, uses a hydraulic pedal drive. Or, at least, it says it does, I can't figure out what that means, or how it works. I guess that's why it's still a prototype.

More encouraging is the eZee Quando, which is both an electric bike and a folding bike. Electric bikes seem like a fine idea to me, even though I don't think I would ever use one. I mean, the speed of travel or excess of cheapest viagra exertion is not what keeps me from riding my bike (if you're wondering, it's the snow / slush / and subzero wind chill that's keeping me in the Nissan right now.) But, electric transportation is, generally, a good thing, so I'm behind this electric folding bike.

The big problem here though, batteries. It's hard to claim that a bike is 'portable' when it ways sixty pounds. Apparently the bike takes on hills without batting an eye, and can go 15 mph for 20 miles on one charge, definitely father than I'd ever need to go. 

For someone who is maybe a little bit more hip (and wealthy) than me, there's the GoBike. I can see folks in New York City jaunting around on this thing in their nice pressed suits with passer-bys thinking "damnit, that guy is actually cooler than me." And then, when they see him get off the buy generic viagra online thing, fold it into a ball, and walk into the subway, that's when they smack their heads and realize that they are officially out of the loop. Available now for $1,500.

The Di Blasi R24 fits into the same category as the GoBike, as it's both functional and folds into a wadded mass of bicycle parts that will have co-workers saying "Oh my GOD, what happened to your BIKE!!" Plus, it's Italian, so there's a hottie in the picture, and they're way cheaper than GoBikes. And also not available in America, sorry. About $600 USD.

Moving away from the 'balls of parts' folding bikes, we have a less traditional looking vehicle, the Strida 3. We're getting cheaper now, at $300 USD and lighter as well. Good luck finding parts for it though. The bike folds in far simpler fashion than the GoBike or Di Blasi will, and ends up in a package that will easily fit in a kitchen cabinet. No word on how ridable these tiny-wheeled bikes are though. But it's got to be better than the A-Frame.

And coming in last, because it doesn't exist in the real world yet, is Josef Cadek's beautiful Locust folding bike. By turning the frame into a circle, the bike avoids looking like a crumpled up ball of bike parts while still being magnificently compact. Frankly, it looks more likely to be ridden by a south-going sneetch than a NYU undergrad, but, nonetheless, if it's produced, and it's lightweight, and it's inexpensive, I could see these selling like hotcakes.  And I do love a good hotcake.
Thanks to TreeHugger for all of the excellent resources. For more info, just go there and generic viagra uk search for 'Folding Bike," you'll find around two dozen articles.  And for even more in depth reviews of even more folding bikes (how could there be so many) check out
I apologize for the lack of comments, the site can't handle the script during periods of large traffic. We're working on it though.  Thanks and enjoy!
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NIce but..
written by ljkhjkk, December 17, 2006
How about one that doesnt get diry, do you really want to fold up and carry one full of dirty rain in bad weather? Nano coatings?
written by rob, December 18, 2006
The A-Bike was tested on the Gadget Show (CH5 UK), but didn't do very well, the small wheels giving a very hard ride and requiring more effort than a normal bike.

You would feel a right twit riding the cheap viagra soft Locust, it looks like a kids toy, perhaps it comes with a free paper bag, to put over your head while riding. smilies/wink.gif

I have never really been convinced by folding bikes and have never known anyone to use one, more than a couple of times.
What is really needed is somewhere safe to store your bike, when you reach your destination. Here in the UK your bike (or parts of it), will vanish in seconds if left unattended.
Folding Bikes Have A Following In The UK
written by Larry Lagarde, December 18, 2006

In reply to your comments... I agree that the A-Bike is not one of Sir Clive Sinclair's better inventions; however, there ARE people in the UK that ride folding bikes daily. In fact, Brompton owners in the UK are almost cult like in their devotion to their bikes. Although a bit pricey, Brompton's fold into a very tiny package too (before 9-11, some airlines even allowed passengers to bring their Brompton folding bicycles aboard as a carry ons).

Perhaps one day, there will be bike lockers on every urban city block. Until that day comes, I'm sticking with folding bikes.

Larry Lagarde
Urging bicycling for recreation, commuting, health and a better future.
written by rob, December 19, 2006
Hi Larry,

I'm glad to hear folding bikes are used in some parts of the country. Perhaps they are more prevalent in the cities, where the ability to buy levitra vardenafil fold a bike is more useful.
I live in the countryside and need a bike that can comfortably travel a thirty mile round trip, at a reasonable speed. (I ride a Dawes tourer)
Plus, there aren't that many buses to carry your bike onto around here!!!

p.s Is your site down? I haven't been able to access it today, or yesterday.
written by Me, December 20, 2006
I would be damn proud to ride the Locust around. I think the design is right where it should be. how doe I get on the Beta program?
written by Paul Thurston, December 21, 2006
If you want to see folding bikes in action just have a look round London on any weekday. It's the cheapest, quickest way to get around London.

I ride a Brompton every day. It may not be the flashiest design around but it's completely reliable and canadian drugs cialis folds smaller than any other folder I've seen.

What about PBW? They make high quality s
written by cYcle, December 22, 2006
written by sicapitan, December 22, 2006
to ...

ou obviously have not been to china! folding bikes are popular. I own one, a giant. and no, im not chinese smilies/wink.gif
Err a few mistakes and omissions
written by ZAp, December 23, 2006
You do _NOT_ balance on a bike by angular momentum, it is just controlled falling (look it up on wikipedia)

How about the best of the bunch : the brompton
Dawes tourer
written by Larry Lagarde, December 23, 2006

Dawes is well known for the excellent quality of their hand built touring bikes. Since you ride a Dawes, I can appreciate why you wonder about the fuss over folding bikes, particularly if you have ample storage room for your bike when it's not in use and are not carting it about on a carry rack on your car.

Personally, I loathe placing my bike on a rack on my motor vehicle. I find roof racks too akward (they also increase fuel consumption). Rear racks have scratched my car and I know of buy discount tramadol online worse experiences with them (like a gal I met in Idaho whose rear rack fell off the car at speed on the interstate highway with a $2000 bike on it). Then of course, there's the issue of the bike being exposed to the elements during transit...

I respect you and the decision you made to ride a touring bike; however, as you can see just by looking at bikes made by Dawes alone, there are all sorts of bikes on the market including bikes that fold. The niche filled by folding bikes is convenience; folders are easier to store and transport. As a result, having a folder increases the opportunities for me to ride because I can take my folding bike along in situations that would be difficult or impossible with a standard size bicycle.

By the way, my site ( up but perhaps the combination of high traffic at my site and your location in the UK is causing the timeouts (my server is in the Western USA). Regardless, I'll keep a watch out for problems and hope you visit again.

Strida advantages and missing Dahon
written by mc, December 23, 2006
The strida bike has some substantial advantages, in that it uses a kevlar belt drive that uses no oil or grease (which makes it low maintainance and clean), and the folding mechanism is by far the simplest. It is also designed to be wheeled while folded which is handier than carrying the awkward blob of parts that is most folders.
An odd omission is the Dahon line of folders. They are probably the largest manufacturer of buy cialis canada folders and have a huge variety of folding bikes from $200 to well over $1000, with both electric and stainless steel models.
Hydraulic Drive
written by Lucas, January 05, 2007
"The Jacknife...uses a hydraulic pedal drive. Or, at least, it says it does... I guess that's why it's still a prototype."

I doubt the 'hyrdaulic pedal drive' is what's causing the delay. My brother and I were delighted with ourselves when we devised our own hydraulic mechanism (thus rendering a chain-drive redundant).Imagine how deflated I was when, during a trip to Japan, I spotted a chainless bike that utilised a similar mechanism. Anyway, I loved the article and the site in general. Keep up the good work.
Jackknife update!
written by Shay, February 13, 2007
Good article and great site. I would like to see more info on the workings of Jackknife when its available.

visit - a resource for folding bike devotees. smilies/wink.gif
Slingshot Folding Mountain
written by Scott, March 20, 2007

Grand Rapids, March 20, 2007 Designed for the cycling enthusiast who can’t leave their bike at home – the Slingshot Fold-Tech MTB provides a travel friendly bike that can meet the high-performance needs of its user. “We realized the need for a full-size, high-performance mountain bike back in the 1990’s and our new Fold-Tech MTB provides another level of performance for our customers” said Aaron Joppe, Slingshot’s National Sales Manager. “The main criteria used in the development of the frame, was to design the ultimate off-road riding machine – while still allowing for it to be folded for travel” said Joppe.

Please visit for the full release and pictures.
Inventor Mark Sanders talks about the St
written by Shay, March 25, 2007
If you are interested in the Strida design process, it is worth checking this video out -

Shay - All about Folding Bikes smilies/wink.gif
written by Timmah, April 25, 2007
For those of you not man enough (or woman) to handle the sexy looking Locust. You can buy light weight Chromalloy or aluminum bikes with quick release on wheels and seat. Easy to carry and would fit easily in my gas guzzling Camaro...
written by Bryan, September 01, 2007
Is there a reason that Dahon was left off this list?
Folding Bikes video
written by Freddy, September 06, 2007
Citizen Bike has a video about how their folding bikes work here:
written by Tali, September 19, 2007
Hi there, I'm about to start a new job and will have to commute by train and bike. I will have to change trains as well (the station has an overbridge rather than an underpass to get from one platform to the next). So I am looking for a good, reliable, light and not too pricey folding bike. What would you guys recommend?

Consider Domestic Options
written by rockhoundmtb, September 25, 2007
For those that want a quick folding bike that rides as well as a "traditional" bike try Bike Friday's urban commuter. Called the tikit- this bike allows you to ride the city streets and jump on buses/trains/subways in very short order! See here:
The best solution for a commuting bike because it not only solves the problem of commuting but is built in the USA, saving all those CO2 emissions from transporting bikes from Asia. Think globally, act locally. The reason I spent a bit more for a Gunnar.
written by Vincent Guapo, October 10, 2007
In regards to the eZee Quando review, the bike does not "way" sixty pounds, it weighs sixty pounds. Not a big deal, of course, but professionalism adds a lot to online articles. Thanks for the good reviews, anyhow.
Yet another big one left off the list
written by Jeff Younker, October 13, 2007
A company called Montague makes folding mountain bikes. The pivot point doesn't break the main structural members, so the frame should be strong. They're comparable in price to standard mountain bikes too.
New folding bike
written by Arnaud, October 26, 2007
A new folding system was born 2 years ago. The new Mobiky 12' bikes are the perfect solution for commuters using train or underground.
Hydraulic Bicycle
written by MOHAMMED, November 19, 2007
Hello guys
Has anyone got an idea about any website that sell Hydraulic Bicycle?

22 lb $169 Superlite 1 Speed
written by Superlite Folding Bike, December 28, 2007
Resembling the Dahon Curve, the Superlite's die cast, magnesium aluminum alloy frame is light, strong and absorbs road shock. Outfitted with a rear carry rack, fenders, kickstand and folding pedals, the Superlite costs less than even the most basic Dahon (the Boardwalk).

22 lb, 1 spd Superlite folding bike...

By the way, the Superlite folding bike is also available with the Shimano Nexus 3 speed internal hub.

24 lb, 3 spd Superlite Nexus folding bike...
written by Audi Exhaust, January 01, 2008
Though the V6 is still a little short on low-end torque, it pulls with authority through the midrange. We timed a 3.2 Quattro sedan at 7.9 seconds from zero to 60 mph. As expected, the V8 is as smooth and potent as any eight-cylinder in the class and posts a 0-60-mph time of 7.1 seconds.
written by ranjan, January 21, 2008
hiiiiii, welll company smilies/sad.gif
written by Atle Skjeerlie, January 27, 2008
Hello,i wonder who seld thes bikes in Norway?Can I do it? Regards Atle, Atro Sykkel.
written by ceren, March 11, 2008
çok güzel ama biraz kullanışsız gibi görünüyor smilies/cheesy.gif
written by sdfasf, June 15, 2008
vaallahaa manyak bişey
written by xbeweht, July 24, 2008
Where can I buy a sinclair a-bike in Usa -New york, new jersey or florida states!!!!-
help me please
Folding Bikes are the Best
written by AR, August 04, 2008
I have a folding bike (Dahon Speed Pro TT) and am finding that it makes my commute extremely flexible and uninhibited by problems on buses, trains, and subways. At any time, I can just hop off and start riding! Dahon makes some awesomely fast folders - my Speed Pro TT rides just as fast as my high-end Trek road bike and is just as comfortable. The smaller wheels also make it far more agile in city traffic. More people need to get folders and get used to moving around town in some other way than in a car.
Check out Pacific Cycles Range of Foldin
written by Josh Major, August 06, 2008
Pacific Cycles make a vast range of folding bikes from 8" wheel right up to full-sized 700c (28") wheels. Their range includes the Birdy which folds almost as small as the Brompton with full suspension, and goes onto the new IF bikes.
I used a Dahon quite a bit in Australia
written by BruceMcF, August 17, 2008
... sadly it stayed there, or I'd be using it now.

The buses I used in Oz had luggage racks that would take it if I was mixing bike and bus ... the train was no trouble at all, folding it down except for the main frame fit it into the overhead luggage rack quite nicely.

But if I was using it now, I'd get the Bolsa Bag, which slings over the shoulder. A medium size trunk on the rack to hold the bolsa bag and a full sized bike cape, and you are wet-weather ready while the bag keeps it from dripping in the bus or snagging on anything.
The best thing about a folder is it park
written by BruceMcF, August 17, 2008
Also if its folded, it can go into a shopping cart in the supermarket. And it can come inside to stow when you get home.

I did not have a bike lock on my Dahon when I was in Australia ... instead, I simple never let it leave my side.
written by jax, August 21, 2008
folding bikes is the way to go specially if you own a car. i fold mine all the time and put it the trunk. when i do it people always go wow. i got a citizen. yeah a citizen. it's cheap and not that heavy ($194 U.S.). go sorry run and get your ass a folding bike.
written by kC@ New Folding Bikes, September 19, 2008
I think that the only serious and practical bikes in that list were the gobike, Citizen and the Di Blasi. That prototype does look pretty wicked though, would love to see it make production!

On another note there is a competition over at my site where you can win a CATEYE Wireless computer or a CATEYE Headlight. Go check out the details here Win folding bike accessories
written by NewFoldingBikes, September 19, 2008
Bah html was stripped, find the details for the competition above here >>
strida versus a-bike
written by jafurcha, September 25, 2008
the author of this site wondered about the rideability of the strida and a-bike

check out this video of strida vs. a-bike on UK's gadget show

the male announcer has to pedal a lot faster to get it going the same speed as the strida
written by nuxmedya, September 30, 2008
have a folding bike (Dahon Speed Pro TT) and am finding that it makes my commute extremely flexible and uninhibited by problems on buses, trains, and subways. At any time, I can just hop off and start riding! Dahon makes some awesomely fast folders - my Speed Pro TT rides just as fast as my high-end Trek road bike and is just as comfortable.
Real Life IF Mode Better Than Clay Canno
written by Larry, October 08, 2008
If you were drooling over the clay full size folding bike concept that Cannondale called the Jacknife, I have news. Pacific Cycles demo'd their full size, folds in 5 seconds, mono fork, rolls when folded IF Mode. This beautiful, sleek, dual speed is the most compact folding full size bike ever produced. Like the Jacknife, the drive is totally enclosed.

The IF Mode is in production now and a limited quantity will be available around Christmas. Pricing is $2785 and we're accepting orders now.

Architectural Designer
written by JIm Bonifacio, January 12, 2009
I have a newly patented folding bike design (mt. bike, cyclocross & roadie) that is so simple yet compact. I'm looking for a sponsor to enter the design in a folding bike competition. Either here in US or abroad.

I love folding bikes
written by Raymond, January 26, 2009
I live in United States, San Francisco to be exact. I have increasingly seen more and more people riding foldable or folding bikes around the city. I have owned two. One is the Giatex, which is a stretching bike actually and because of lack of demand, the company closed last year under current credit crunch. The other is a Peerless from China, which is of pretty good quality, but not to the level of Dahon. I have riden on the Strida 5, wow, it is a very strange ride as the steering is so close to the mid-point of the bike which makes balancing the bike something to get used to. Yet, it was manageable. I love the Brompton, I have tried one of them and absolutely love it with the 16" wheels, it is so easy to store. Man, I love folding bikes, if one lives in the city, one will come to appreciate greatly this beautiful beautiful creatures. Man, can't live city life without them. Take my words for it. For recreation or for going back and forth to work. You gonna love them. If you wanna walk 2, 3 miles, it is your decision. But me, I rather bike.
Chainless Folding Bicyclce
written by Teck, February 10, 2009
I like Strida's too but if anyone is interested in another chainless folding bikes, please check out our line of belt drive & shaft drive foldable bikes.

Both have 20" wheels and come with 3-speed or 4-speed (Nexus internal hubs). Contact us if you would like to review our bikes!

Folding eZee Quando's
written by Harrington, February 14, 2009
We purchased a couple of folding eZee Quando's to use as primary transportation once landed with our RV. Simply put... amazing little critters. Installed a couple of folding Wald baskets and we can carry serious grocery shopping between us. Great range with the lithium batteries. We usually persistent head wind home then the electric assist really is the best.
written by Lucy, February 23, 2009
I'm only a little kid,but I'm pretty smart,and I say that these fold up bikes are Amazing! Awesome! Wonderful!I've got one to myself,but its not as cool as these ones you've got in store! my one only folds staight in thirds!!
Mr Flywheel
written by Flywheel Willy, February 25, 2009
I've just 'invented' an even better foldable bike while reading all your inspiring comments! My bike's heaviest component will be its integral flywheel which, once got-going with initial peddle-power, propels the rider onwards via the bike's heavy-rotating-flywheel-momentum. Of course, the flywheel will need to have periodic 'jerks of peddling' to keep it spinning profitably sending the rider with serene glide to-and-from their desire. Once the fly is going (even from a standstill) - release the bike clutch - and- away you go from 0-30mph in no-time purely on the driving force of your bikes powerful flywheel motion.

Bazooka Folding bikes look like real bik
written by Bob, February 28, 2009
Just wanted to share about a great folding bike brand called Bazooka. They make great looking bikes that look like real bikes and fold at the same time. Check out the Beach 3 and Navigator.
Their website is
They ship all over the world.
Bazooka Folders Cheap But Heavy
written by Larry Lagarde, March 07, 2009
I like the look of the Bazooka Beach 3, the fact that it has the great Shimano Nexus 3 spd gear hub and the price (@ $400) BUT GEEZ - it weighs 36 lbs! That's just too heavy. For $70 more, you can get a lighter (by 7 lbs) and better designed full size folding bike (Montague DX with a far greater range of gears.
written by moj, May 02, 2009
Anybody have experience with swissbike lx ?, I'm thinking to get one.

A great looking, great folding.... foldi
written by rob, May 13, 2009

this is another new folding bike - it's got great retro styling and folds in 10secs, no hinge in the frame to the same key dimensions as a full size bike.

this is just the bike for cutting a dash through the city

oops ! now here's the link!
written by rob, May 13, 2009
and of course it would help if i attached the link for you!!!! :)
written by Jim audi performance tuning, July 28, 2009
Those folding bikes are some of the coolest looking things that are out there today. I have never seen anything like that green one and it would be great to see the looks on people's faces as you drove by.
Stamina is Great
written by Roberta, August 19, 2009
My favorite folding bike is the Stamina folding exercise bike. The seat reclines so it doesn't kill your back.
melon bicycles slice model
written by Jim Slatton, November 19, 2009
Has anyone had any experience with the melon bicycles slice model folding bike? It looks a little bit more robust than several of these bikes. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Foreign Business
written by Shen Liyi, December 14, 2009
Dear Sir:

Nice to know you.

Hope you're interested in our folded electrical bike,it can be folded.We suggest you choose our SL-M-017,

You can run the bike first,then the bike will have power.You use plastic key on the bike handle,the bike will run smoothly. The speed is about 20km/h,and can in charge.The pedestal also can us.The folding way is easy,and there is a click key,you press the key,and the folding bike willl folded.It is convienent for you to fold in the subway or bus.

We now can accept the Paypal payment.If you want a bike,we will calculate the detailed freight to send to you.

Hope to receive your soon reply.Good luck!

With Best Regards,
Tel: 86-519-86965862
Home: 86-13584517251
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Melon Bicycles Beefy and Light
written by Holly Harris, December 31, 2009
Check us out- we are Melon Bikes in Asheville, North Carolina. Borrowing from mountain and road bike technology, we've designed melon folding bicycles from the wheels up with superior components for smooth shifting, firm braking, and the ability to pass the big boys - AND at 25lbs its a cinch to take with you anywhere. See our website for more: or check out this review of the Slice
Bigfish folding bikes
written by robert, March 03, 2010
Hi there
- what do you make of our folding bike, the Bigfish?
Montague Bikes
written by Taylor, May 26, 2010
Surprised to not see featured here. They make the world's only full-sized folding bikes-both Mountain and Pavement bikes. I ride their full size single speed with a flip-flop hub the BOSTON and love it. It switches to a fixed gear and is great for zipping around the city. I take it with me on the train/bus down to New York and it's never been a problem. They look great and have all the performance of a full-size non folding bike. I'm thinking about riding the FIT in a 270 mile ride, the Tri State Trek. I got to preview it and it's got great handling and all the performance I'd need. Plus, I can throw it in the back of my friend's car and catch a ride home from New York when the ride's over.
Check them out at
RE: If Reach DC
written by madfolder, July 02, 2010
Have you ever wanted a bike that was easy to transport, and allowed you to cover far greater distances without dripping with sweat? I had the chance to ride a bike from Pacific Cycles of Taiwan called the if Reach DC. It has a fool proof electric assist, I guess it is called a pedelectric because you need to pedal it for the assist to kick in. Wow did it flatten hills. It can go from 30-50 miles on a single charge depending on what level assist you use. Great fun and very practical, folds in about 5 seconds too.
peerless mountain bikes
written by Shivani, March 22, 2011

Has anyone heard of peerless mountain bikes manufactured in China?? I am looking to buy one, and peerless fits my bill interms of features and rate, just looking for feedback so i can purchase... thanks.. smilies/smiley.gif)
written by Lester @ Adult Tricycle, April 06, 2011
My favorite would be the A-bike. It looks so handy and solid.
Easy to transport folding bike
written by Anja, May 17, 2012
Great article. Helped me to find the right bike for me.

I got the Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike.

What was important for me is that it is easy to transport.

More info:
written by Daniel, September 04, 2013
Hi ,
This is Daniel could you please tell me , what is the name of this bicycle? and also what is the model ?

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