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APR 15

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"Wow...t-shirts. Yes, there should be ecogeek t-shirts, but that might..."

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I honestly can't not write about this.

In re-reading a story about a man who planted a small forest inside a colleague's keyboard, I found a link to a Mobuzz TV segment (pretty great) which references the keyboard jungle. A little past half way, Karina of Mobuzz gives the nod to all us green geeks and very good site cialis online pharmacy usa ponders thusly: “I guess we'll have to call you “Geens” huh...cause if we do follow link overnight canadian viagra it the other way around, it'd be “Greeks...” and that's already taken.”

Great point Karina, but I think I'll stick with EcoGeek.

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written by Guest, April 15, 2006
Geens reminds me too much of gimps...which reminds me of pimps... which remind me of Chicago.

And I never really liked Chicago too much.

So - EcoGeek sounds fine to me too. Do you pehaps have t-shirts?

- Eris Siva
written by Guest, April 15, 2006
Wow...t-shirts. Yes, there should be ecogeek t-shirts, but that might take me a while. I'm going to focus on, y'know, content... for now.

Sorry to hear you didn't like Chicago, I think it's a pretty nice place.

And also on replacing this auto-anonymous comment system....lame!


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