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DEC 22

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"UPS is now using hybrd techology? Finally!..."

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UPS Saving $600 million, Mostly in Gasoline. Methods include "Favoring Right-Hand Turns."


UPS burns a whole lotta gas. Lots of try it generic viagra from china big trucks driving mostly in the city, all day ever day. They provide a valuable service, but man, they could do better with their gas money. It turns out that some fairly simple fixes will officially save UPS more than $600 million dollars a year, mostly in gasoline costs. The fixes include smarter management of routing (route by package load, not by set routes) and change routes to include more right-hand turns. I assume that they'll be using some fancy GPS and mapping software to determine these routes every day.

This is an amazing example of how some smart technology can save collossal amounts of money and gasoline. Now if they would just spend that $600 m to switch over to a hybrid fleet. Think how much money they'd save then!
Via ZDNet
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written by James, December 23, 2006
UPS has started a pilot program of hybrid vehicles.,00.html

The future is looking better and better now that "green" tech and such has major financial benefits.
written by Celia, March 08, 2007
UPS is now using hybrd techology? Finally!

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