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DEC 26

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"So ugly, it's cute. I think one will match my clown shoes. ..."

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Lotus to Design Obvio Tribrids


Obvio, a Brazillian car company that has been manufacturing light-weight, high-efficiency 'tribrids' (natural gas, gasoline, and ethanol burners) has just partnered with Lotus to design their next round of vehicles. This is extremely good news because Lotus has a lot of experience designing light-weight attractive cars. Obvio, on the other hand, had some experience of it's own, designing extremely ugly light-weight cars.  Best of luck to the new Obvios there's a good chance they'll be for sale in a nearby metropolitan area in the next year.




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Troll doll
written by Celia, March 08, 2007
So ugly, it's cute. I think one will match my clown shoes.

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