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DEC 26

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"Scientists are researching several new technologies which can harness ..."

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Weight to Watts

exercisebikeFinally, a pre-built human power generator. Turn those pounds into watts with this exercise bike that can easily put out enough juice to power a full desktop computer system (as long as you don't use a hardcore gaming rig.)

Of course, it's hard to type while pedaling, but if you're going to exercise, you really ought to buy cialis in canada pump some of good choice levitra online store that energy into your house. The maxium output for a typical biker is about 500 watts, but keeping up 300 is no problem. It can be used as a backup power source, or you can simply incorporate it into your house's gird, just like a solar panel. A final option is to charge the onboard battery for later use.

Now, when I said "Finally," I meant that it finally exists. Unfortunately, the only place I've seen it is at an online import outlet. So if you want to import one from India, it will be $250.
BTW, that's not the bike up there, but I couldn't find a good picture. 
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written by Celia, January 12, 2007
Wasn't this in a commercial with Lance Armstrong on it? I wish it was easier to get.
Queen of Pneumatica
written by David S, February 17, 2007
This post is now about 3 months old. Hoping you can guide us to a purchase point in U.S. by now.
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Take care of this company ???
written by Micheal, April 11, 2007
Dear everybody comes here:
This is completely a deceiver,they got the payment,didn't delivery the goods!Take care and good luch!
written by perscription drugs online, October 08, 2007
Every morning, I pedal to generate electricity. The Pedal Generator I ride charges batteries, that run an inverter, that produces 110v AC, that powers LED lights, the monitor on my computer, my cell phones, and many other small battery-powered things. It is the most inspiring workout you can imagine.
written by galin, December 17, 2007
Scientists are researching several new technologies which can harness potential energy from the human body. One such technology would generate electricity from the human foot pressure on stairs and escalators. The same technology could also be used to gather ambient energy in high-traffic sidewalks and hallways. Researchers from The Facility Architects in London say that each foot produces eight watts of electricity every time a step is taken. With current abilities 30 percent (2.4 watts) of energy can be produced by walking. Energy of this type could be used to power low-energy applications such as lighting and safety equipment.
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