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JAN 05

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"Now this is what I am looking forward to for hybrid cars. Sports cars ..."

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Toyota Hittin' the Hybrid Sports Car?

On January 10th, I'm going to be in Detroit for the Auto Show. I'm able to do this because of the wisdom of PR people at General Motors. They know that blogs are important, and they know that we can't afford to go to auto shows, so they pay for us to go, and then we say they're stupid when they're stupid and cialis generic sale they're great when they're great. General Motors will, no doubt, be both stupid and great in Detroit, and I will keep you all informed of that progress.

Toyota, however, is somehow being both stupid and great in one car. They'll be releasing the FT-HS hybrid sports car concept. The car is expected to hit 60 mph in four seconds with around 400 horsepower. Now, that's impressive, but, in my opinion a waste of an electric motor. The car's performance will be increased much more than its fuel efficiency.  But, I suppose, if people are going to be buying these ridiculous power-wheels, then they should be as efficient as possible.

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written by toyota long island, June 25, 2012
Now this is what I am looking forward to for hybrid cars. Sports cars can succeed in the hybrid model and I hope Toyota makes a hybrid from the how do i get cialis FT-86.

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