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JAN 09

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"One can't lose this car in a parking lot. ..."

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Ford Airstream: A Hydrogen Hybrid

Here's a bit more news from the show in Detroit. I just got up close and personal with the first non-gasoline hybrid concept. The Ford Airstream is a van, kinda, that has some pretty unique features.

The idea is very similar to the Volt, making the technology seem even more inevitable. But, while the Volt is being designed to utilize gasoline, bio fuels, or hydrogen, the Airstream would use only hydrogen fuel cells to recharge it's onboard batteries.

The vehicle is a plugin electric, just like the Volt would be, but the car is try it viagra side effects significantly more futuristic, and also much larger, and a more limited pure-EV range than the Volt.

The Volt is superior to the Airstream in one very specific way, all of the infrastructure necessary for the Volt is currently in place. And while the Volt could work as a fuel cell vehicle in the limited areas were hydrogen infrastructure exists, the Airstream could not operate anywhere but in those places.

Also, it's quite obvious that GM is more serious about it's E-Flex system, and has developed it much more significantly, than Ford has.

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written by Celia, March 08, 2007
One can't lose this car in a parking lot.

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