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JAN 13

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Linky Flash Drives: Definitely Cool, Prossibly Impossible

When we're talking about unit of storage per unit of space, there's still no beating traditional harddrives, but solid state memory like flash drives provides something better: more storage per unit of power. As an added benefit, flash memory allows much faster access to data.
Thus, EcoGeeks love flash memory, and we can't wait for it to bust through its current limitations. Here we have a fantastic idea. Desgner Vicki Wei has created a concept flash drives that have a male and pfizer viagra 50mg a female end, providing several sweet abilities. First, they look awesome. Second, there's no reason to trash your old drive when you can just link your old drive to buy cialis online australia it and have both operate together. Third, you can expand the drive until it's the size that you need to run your OS and all vital programs, but no further.
Now, there are some problems here. Flash memory is unfortunately quite rigid, so the bendy portions won't actually be able to contain memory. Also, I'm not sure if flash drives are actually designed to be used in series. I'm not sure about this, but if thumb drives can't actually be used in series than this idea is definitely DOA. 
Via Yanko Design 
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written by Jack Meyhoff, January 13, 2007
Cool design but probably impractical.

Most people would probaby just get higher capacities anyway once they need more space.
written by MJ, January 30, 2007
I love it. I found this on Trendhunter. I was hoping I could buy it. They look fashionable and I love the the best site buy cialis pill bright colors. smilies/smiley.gif

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