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JAN 20

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"Hey ! The site might not be good looking but, definitely very good inf..."

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Search Engine Optimizers Going After Climate Change

The first every SEO world championship has begun. The competition surrounds two words that aren't quite words 'Globalwarming' and 'awareness2007.' The entire SEO community is now scrambling to create the most highly rated websites for those two terms. The winner will have the highest ranked site on major search engines when users search for "globawarming awareness2007."

Search Engine Optimization is kinda a dirty game, where people vie for keywords with sites designed, not for people, but for algorithms. The results can be seen now by searching for "globalwarming awareness2007." The sites aren't really global warming resources and they aren't very pretty to look at. But that's not what pure SEO is about. Real search engine optimization utilizes forms of cialis tablets foreign this dirty SEO, but it also draws links and herbal levitra traffic by having great content. So far, none of these sites are going after that angle.

But still, it's pretty cool that they chose keywords with a grander meaning.  From their press release, "targeting a significant cause as well as trying to make a global difference. The project focuses on creating world consciousness of our continuous planet heat rise."

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written by Archna Sajwan, August 29, 2007
Hey ! The site might not be good looking but, definitely very good infromative site on SEO core domain area you have included.

Cheers :)

Archna Sajwan

Ecommind - Complete Internet Marketing | Web Designing | Web Development company.

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