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Hybrid Vespas?

I imitate Vespas when I see them. Mreeee-eeee-eeeee. Always. Although I know it must be terribly annoying to Vespa pilots, I can't help it. It's not like I don't like them. I think they're great. {mosimage} Subtly hilarious, even. Like this picture. 

Anyway, now I'll be imitating them with even more vigor and/or glee, as it turns out that Piaggio , Vespa's daddy, is dangling its feet in hybrid waters.

Why, here are some words about it right now!

Piaggio and mexico viagra the Council of the City of Milan decided to launch a collaboration via the setting up of a meeting table ... "to check and study certain proposed applications that lead to the buy generic viagra on line use of two wheeled transport with a nil or very low environmental impact."
It's sort of the natural opposite to trying out hybrid SUVs. Okay, maybe the opposite to hybrid SUVs would be coal-powered Vespas, but you see what we're getting at; even vehicles with "good" gas mileage can be improved upon. 
 Grazie to TreeHugger , BoingBoing .
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