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JAN 24

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"dial what? haha. If you still got such a connection, I would maybe sug..."

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Discless Vista


Some more encouraging news on the digitization front. Since it turns out that it's so much easier to move electrons (and photons) than atoms (wires vs trucks...wires always win) we're very excited whenever companies start offering formerly physical products in purely digital form. And that's what Microsoft is doing with Vista, it's fancy new operating system.

Both Vista and Office 2007 will be available in 'discless' form for download. It would make sense if downloading the software made it a bit cheaper, since they don't have to pay for shipping and handling, but, alas, Office and Vista will set you back the exact same amount if you walk to the store and buy it.

Via Engadget

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written by rob, January 25, 2007
You would think that it would be cheaper, with no transport and packing costs. It's strange that the discless (is that a word?) version is only to be offered in North America, but perhaps if successful it will be rolled out worldwide.
It works for Linux, so there should be no problems for Windows.
Now, how long will it take me to download on levitra where to buy my dialup connection -- 3.2GB at 5KB/s, by my reckoning that's about seven and a half days, mmmm......
written by mbm, January 25, 2007
dial what? haha. If you still got such a connection, I would maybe suggest you to go to your local librairy/university/star buck coffee or where ever they provide you a wireless connection (if you have a laptop of course!)

But I guess the best would be for you to upgrade! Maybe it's worth it if you save up 4-6 worthless CD's with vista on them ;)

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