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State of the Union Analysis

Number of times GW Has Said "Iraq" in State of the Union Speeches: 124
Number of times GW Has Said "Climate Change" in State of the Union Speeches: 1

So which one is a more important issue in this country? Whether you enjoy Bush or want to take the black pill whenever you hear his voice, the State of the Union address is important to watch. I, for one, enjoyed his speech, and while I spent most of viagra in canada the time pausing on Tivo so my family could rant about his policies, it was nice to hear the man talk without the force of a majority behind him.

This fairly mild State of the Union had comparatively little that I expressly disagree with, and I think that a Texas oil man proposing a decrease in oil consumption is frankly remarkable.

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Most importantly, the question I asked last week has been answered. Bush mentioned Climate Change in the same breath as Oil Consumption, not separating the buy viagra online forum two as I thought he might. And though he didn't explicitly link the two, I am satisfied. And, secondly, he did not just mention climate change, but suggested a plan to consume fewer fossil fuels.

Not that I think it's the best plan. There was no talk of gas or carbon taxes, and the amount of time spent outlining the 20% by 2017 was paltry, but an admission like this from a conservative is vastly important. It means that an environmental-leaning congress will have a much easier time passing significant legislation. It means that we're ready to change in America.

Every time Bush mentions the environment, I am reminded of a huge chunk of common ground that he and I occupy. It isn't necessarily comfortable for me to share this ground with him, but I must admit it nonetheless. He believes, or at least says he believes, that technology will provide solutions to original levitra many of the environmental problems that we face.

He and I disagree on an awful lot, but in this one very limited way, I am willing to give George Bush a limited and probationary status as an EcoGeek. A foolish, dangerous and ignorant EcoGeek, but an EcoGeek nonetheless.

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Proud of cialis overnite Our President
written by jcwinnie, January 25, 2007
In this most recent SOTU, he pronounced terrorist properly each and every time that he said it, which was several more times than he said climate change.

Since he increasingly is being recognized as the world's greatest terrorist, it is comforting to know that he at least can improve his pronunication.
It's a step forward.
written by Megs, January 25, 2007
At least he said it and accepted the reality of the situation. You still hear on the news debates on weather or not global warming is caused by human activity. It's a step in the right direction (no pun intended) for the levitra one a day president to address the issue in the SOTU... now let's see if he will actually follow through.

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