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FEB 02

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Volvo Ready with it's Heavy Duty Hybrids


I will begin this article by reminding nay sayers that shipping and delivery is important, and that increasing a one mile per gallon truck to two miles per gallon saves as much gas as converting a 30 mpg car to 60 mpg. Likely significantly more, as delivery and shipping trucks tend to drive a heck of a lot more than individual cars.

That being said, I am very excited about the levitra online shopping possibilities for heavy duty hybrids. It's actually very sad that more hasn't been done here already. Improving the fuel efficiency of the nation's shipping fleet would save a tremendous (though I'm afraid I can't find any hard data) amount of gasoline.

I'm afraid I don't have the technical knowhow to tell you how Volvo's heavy-duty hybrids differ from traditional hybrid engines, but I can tell you that they make vehicles around 35% more efficient than non hybrid forms by using regenerative breaking and an electric motor. No word on good choice cialis 30 mg price, but with the amount of gasoline a heavy-duty truck eats, I can't imagine it wouldn't pay for itself fairly quickly.

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written by Vincenze, February 05, 2007
I'm impressed by this.

I've always thought there should be more focus on making trucks more sustainable... look at all that roof space, imagine the potential for a solar hybrid.


written by Vincenze, February 05, 2007
I'll make you a deal, fix up my 'poNtential' and I won't tell anyone about your 'who Volvo's'

It's a deal....
written by Hank, February 05, 2007
Still underestimating the importance
written by Ryan Baker, February 06, 2007
Your still underestimating the importance. Converting a 1mpg truck to 2mpg is the equivalent of converting thirty 30mpg cars to cialis generic india 60mpg.even at the same number of miles

i.e. Assume 15,000 miles per year:
15,000/30 = 500 gallons
15,000/60 = 250 gallons
250 gallons savings per 30 to 60 mpg conversion

15,000/1 = 15,000 gallons
15,000/2 = 7,500 gallons
7,500 gallons savings per 1 to 2 mpg conversion

7,500/250 = 30 car conversions per truck conversions

This misconception is why CAFE formulas are broken. See http://ryan-technorabble.blogs...ughts.html
Go Volvo!
written by Janis Mara, February 06, 2007

Seems tres kewl that Volvo is doing this. I've always been enamored of them because of levitra generia preis their safety, now I can feel better knowing their trucks aren't guzzling as much gas!
It's even more impactful than Ryan says
written by Atul, February 19, 2007
Because commercial vehicles drive more like 50 to 125 thousand miles a year.

What's funny though is canada viagra no prescription how this logic is also important to light vehicles such as full size pick-up trucks and GM was chastised for offering a hybrid Silverado instead of a Prius-type vehicle.
That's right
written by celia, March 08, 2007
Look at all that roof space. That needs to be tapped into. If there any industry people reading this; just do it, man! Especially the refrigerated trucks.
Great news but a little late to the part
written by Greg, March 18, 2008
Peterbilt was actually the first truck manufacturer to introduce a class 8 hybrid and it was over a year ago. Wal-Mart is already running them in their fleet.

Paste the viagra from mexico link to read the press release.
it will only be a heavy duty truck when
written by Armageddon_hamster, May 25, 2008
I know a corporation that is looking (like all of us are) into ways to reduce fuel costs. To date (unfortunately) the best Electric Hybrid Transport truck is a Renolt (Duro-Star I think is its name). It has a 350HP E/D Motor. This makes it a High-End Medium duty truck. cost 75,000 Euros. this makes it a good Garbage truck. but not a transport Truck the average person sees on the high-ways.
This will ot happen until the transport truck manufactures stat making then will 400-600 HP and with enough driver comfort to cialis tablet attract buyers.

What about the Batteries?

Even without batteries (direct drive) Hybrids get more bang for your fuel $$$. The tractor can use a smaller engine and thus have a lower cost for fuel. in fact they could use a standard automobile engine to drive the generator and save cost as well as lower their CO/CO2 admitions.
Engineer, Naval Officer, Federal Regulat
written by Franklin D. Lomax, May 03, 2009

As I have written, WSJ, MW, CBS, ABC, Guardian, et al, we can end America's energy dependence, right now, by simply issuing a permanent NAFTA wide Free Trade $50.00 combined title, registration and cheapest viagra license plate, for any converted, new, used electric fuel hybrid. With the light medium and heavy hybrids that we all need thus subsidized with $5000 to $15000 per year of lower ownership costs due to exempting all hybrids from the click here levitrabest levitra nationwide gouging competition for revenues. All hybrids would be exempted from entering any state weight or inspection station, whether it is privately owned SUV, RV, Toter truck, construction worker's private ride, or commercial truck. Remotely read axle weight detectors, with computer recorded axle weights would allow quarterly, or less often US DOT, not local revenuers, at non punitive inspection intervals to enforce weight, speed, and driver hours, from the rough computer log, a small intrusion on driver privacy, in exchange for Free Trade NAFTA wide permanent plates, regardless of weight, for any hybrid, new, used, or converted.

WastingtonDC: Detroit will never prosper, or survive, as long as 20 million local, state, and federal bureaucrats work with congress, to force the auto industry to build the wrong products, while they work a nation wide roadblock system designed to extort fees, fines, taxes and roadside repairs, thus applying a hidden tax, to the GDP, that no people would tolerate, were it applied by their own taxing authorities. GM can build a Plug In & Out diesel/CNG fuel/electric hybrid truck, sized to meet the needs of 80,000,000 working Americans, in any of their closed truck factories, and sell every one they can make in the next decade, right now. Or they can let foreign manufacturers get the concept right, first, and introduce the World Truck Hybrid, as Detroit goes out of very good site discount cialis business. Working Americans must have fuel/electric hybrids, now, at $60K to $120K, or more, for heavier, long range models. None of us can haul our crews, tools, machinery, generators, and materials, in the fly weight Plug In only electrics that are the generic brands of tramadol flavor of the day. The few millions of those fuel/electric mini cars sold this decade, will allow our cadre of millionaire extremist environmentalists to levitra on line canada make statements on greening America, while our GDP does not get built, serviced, or delivered, when OPEC's terror financiers tighten the tap, next time. Working truck owners use, and for that single reason, are best placed to save, some 30 to 60 percent of our liquid transport fuels, this decade, or to replace them with bio-fuels, or US CNG fuels, now. Using World Truck million mile hybrids, present technology batteries, and charging from the grid at off peak electric rates, and charging to the grid, or to our spare battery pod trailers, during peak electric rate hours, we can pay for our investment in a vehicle that lets us live off grid, farm all electric, and cut OPEC's terror financiers off at the knees. The rest of the world's workers need the same vehicles, now, to power their family compound, or village when the truck is not on the highway, and to use the locally produced bio-fuels that American farmers and co-ops will use to leave the grid entirely, except when we sell the grid our power, at bonus rates. GM must reclaim it's ownership of viagra sent from canada the productive worker's vehicle market, or turn out the lights, as the last GM worker starves out of Detroit. The congress's envisioned, limitless subsidy, extorted from our taxpayers will never make the flyweight hybrid's capable of eliminating our dependence on terror financier's cartel/suppliers, for petroleum based fuels. On the other hand, simple federal preemption of all title, license, and and other taxes and fees extorted by our 20 million civil servants, most neither civil, nor servants of our peoples, from working truck owners, and passed on to their customers, and their helpless families, will result in energy independence, within a generation, at no felt cost to we recommend cialis uk the taxpayers, by stopping egregious tax, fee, fine, and roadside repair extortion that costs billions of dollars and thousands of highway deaths and injuries yearly, all for nothing but revenue competition among city, county, state, and federal bureaucracy. The "no felt cost to American taxpayers" solution is chinese viagra pills easy, and simple: Issue a NAFTA wide fixed price, federal $50.00 title and discount generic viagra online permanent license plate, for any new, used, or converted hybrid vehicle, of any size, or weight, and their power pod pup trailers, and any trailer used by those hybrids. The permanent plate allows "free trade" use of any NAFTA highway, including all of the US system, Canada, et al. for the life of visit web site best price levitra the vehicle, as long as it uses fuel produced within NAFTA, or electricity generated within NAFTA, to replace liquid transport fuels imported from outside NAFTA. This subsidy results from unheard of tax relief from interstate tax competition, and does not come out of the working families pay check. Vehicles using imported fuels will continue to pay $5000 to $10,000 per year, at the tax fee and fine road blocks, but every GM/Detroit, UAW/CAW World Truck Hybrid series vehicle, will be exempt from the time, fuel and life wasting tax competition, at up to two dozen weigh stations in a run from NY to LA. That hybrid exemption will end the production of light medium and large Petroleum Fueled vehicles within a decade or two, and free America from imported energy dependence, while reducing the cost of working American's personal and business vehicles, and the draconian hidden taxes the bureaucracy imposes on every thing purchased by American citizens. That would be everything not delivered the viagra to buy cheap last miles, to the customer, or vendor, by airplane, ship, or train, using airfields, piers, or train depots, hidden just like the draconian tax, fee, fine and roadside repair extortion that costs every consumer a huge portion of the price of every product or service that makes our life possible, and worthwhile. Of course, the infrastructure necessary to support fuel/electric hybrid trucks will be built first, and fast, by the private sector, and will support the Plug In and Out mini hybrids that will be built, once we have returned the OPEC cartel and their terror financiers to their caves, with their misguided supporters in relative penury, since their terror tax on all petroleum based transport fuels will be collected, by NAFTA and other nations of the free world, at their own borders, instead of by the terror financiers of discount levitra levitra the Levant. Break out, build the products that we need, and break the backs of our terror financier petroleum suppliers.

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