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FEB 07

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"I wonder how will you get the natural gas to your personal power plant..."

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Your Own Personal Power Plant


Doesn't your very own personal power plant sound a little bit like a dream come true? You wouldn't have to worry about power-outages and you'd have direct control over your home's juice. But, you're an EcoGeek, so you're unsure about it, wouldn't your own power plant be overkill? Well, not necessarily, and these distrubuted power solutions are likely an important step in the future of green energy.

There are already thousands of homes in Japan using these systems, called micro-CHPs (combined heat and power). Micro-CHP systems use natural gas generators to produce electricity for homes. The heat from the electrical generator is visit web site what is viagra then used either to create hot water or hot air, which is then used to heat the home. Because of this combined efficiency, a micro-CHP is 3 times more efficient than electricity delivered over the grid. And, as an added benefit, a micro-CHP can serve as a backup generator in the event of a power outage. At night, if you don't need all the no prscription cialis power it's producing, you can actually sell the excess back to the power company.

Micro-CHP units aren't inexpensive. The CS Monitor article notes that even a basic system is at least $6000 more than a new high-efficiency gas forced-air furnace. And they still rely on natural gas as a fuel. They may pay back their investment more quickly if electricity prices go up rapidly. But, at the same time, they could become expensive to operate if natural gas prices spike.

The micro-CHP is not permanently sustainable, unlike systems like wind or solar. But it is a much more efficient method of addressing the energy needs of a home.

articles: Christian Science Monitor, CNet News

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written by James S., February 07, 2007
This brings up an interesting question for me. Though not "permanently sustainable" wouldn't a significant portion of these in a market, coupled with Solar and/or Wind systems, not only stretch supplies of natural gas to the point of near permanent sustainability, but actually make crap tons of money for the owner since the solar panels work best during peak hours, so the viagra online buy generator would be selling the vast majority of its energy to the Utility?
written by Janis Mara, February 09, 2007

That's a very good question. I guess the big question is, "What is a significant number?" I know in California we have a Million Solar Roofs initiative that targets that number as making a significant impact, but I don't know what critical mass would be. Experts?
written by Philip Proefrock, February 09, 2007
I don't think micro-CHP would "stretch supplies of natural gas to the point of near permanent sustainability." It can help, though, and it does provide a more efficient system, by co-generating electricity and heat. Having to run a micro-CHP in order to provide air conditioning, though, seems wholly counter-intuitive.

It also depends on the net metering schemes your local government and utility employ. In my home state (Michigan), net metering cannot result in an annual surplus of electricity produced, or the credit for the overage is simply returned to the utility.
written by Derek Williamson, February 13, 2007
Alternative enrgies on a small scale will only become truly cost effective for householders when the true costs of carbon emissions are included in the centralised electricity costs.

In Australia significant subsidies are required for renewable and alternative energy systems because the cialis generic australiageneric viagra tablets govt will not put these pricing schedules in place because they are afraid of get cialis fast hurting business in the short term.

As some one once said politics is too short sighted to combat issues like sustainability which stretch many years into the only now buying cialis online canada future.
written by James, February 27, 2007
Methane, the largest part of natural gas is purchase daily cialis both a fossil and bio fuel. Although the vast majority of it comes from deposits, some comes from landfills and other decomposing waste. If we were able to harvest most of it, it would possibly help prevent Global Warming for the short term, because methane has a higher impact than CO2. However, it does dissipate faster.
written by Tom Murray, June 29, 2007
I found the article about the small generator very interesting, as as well as being a photogrpaher, I am vice chairman of the board of directors a Housing Charity with 6,000 homes, in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk, UK. We are looking at making all of our new homes with the lightest carbon footprint possible, at the same time, trying to reduce the amount of people on our waiting list for a home, roughly 4,000 and rising..
New technology can help, as long as it does,t cost a fortune and in a new build programme, its all so much easier to how does cialis work install from a standing start, rather than expensive retro fitting.
written by eric ziemba, July 29, 2007
I would like some info on makeing my own hydro electric power with a small stream i have on my property
Bio gas power from food waste is better option
written by nikhil, August 31, 2009
since every house hold creates some amount of food waste, schools, markets,restaurants and hotels combined would produce constant source of how to get some cialis biomass for creating methane which used with gas based power plants can create a cheaper power and sustainble one and also use the waste which would be dumped in land fill in proper way.
The Future
written by ndtreviv, October 28, 2009
Once upon a time, computers weren't manufactured, but built individually. They were so big and powerful that it was thought there would only ever be 8 computers in the whole world.

Now, however, everyone has their own computer. Instead of sending processing off to a central mainframe, they do it locally, at their own desk.

I totally believe this is the future of power generation. I reckon that one day there will be no large power stations, requiring non-renewable sources of fuel, but each community will have their own individual power station running off renewable sources of energy. Maybe even every house will have their own generation system. Someone one day is going to develop a high-performance low-cost east to install and manage personal power station "kit" and they'll clean up big time. Bill Gates style. the world is crying out for it - many communities in Africa have NO electricity. Imagine if they were given these "kits". Power problem sorted the world over.
How much does one cost?
written by Shannon, February 07, 2013
I wonder how will you get the natural gas to your personal power plant? I would want to know how much is the delivery of gas to my door. It would be interesting to know the cost of such a system and maybe some pics and order 5mg cialis online specs. I like the idea of being off the grid!

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