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MAR 05

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"Yeh, my work desktop is on all the time for that reason. I don't know ..."

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GotoMyPC Advertising Directly to EcoGeeks?

I love the internet. Oh...that didn't surprise you? Well, one of my very good reasons for this affection is that the internet allows us all to viagra online best prices telecommute much more effectively. On this front, GotoMyPC's service is golden, allowing users to work on whatever computer they want to, without needing to burn a drop of gas.

Now, generally, the environmental concerns here are seen as secondary, but I just spotted this advert at Engadget and best price thailand tramadol thought it was worthy of sharing. It seems that GotoMyPC realizes that their software can have a positive environmental (and fiscal) impact through telecommuting, and they're using it as a selling point. It's great news for us all.

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written by mn, March 05, 2007
but doesnt it mean that your pc has to be on 24 / 7 ?
surely that cant be a good thing - granted better than driving to your pc and then turning it on but how many people will this actually deduce their carbon footprint for?
just means hackers have more time to get into your machine!
written by nt, March 05, 2007
Yeh, my work desktop is on all the time for that reason. I don't know when I might nee to no prescription online pharmacy access it from home.

In theory you can set it to wake on network activity, but I find that needs to be off for them to ever hibernate properly, so not much use. I'm sure there was some more info in a PCPro article within the last year, which suggested this should work though.

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