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MAR 10

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"Heejsan :D Vda gör alla? Har ni låtar som heter Block 4..."

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Googling to Work

The New York TImes has an awesome story about Google's bus system which ferries over 1,200 Google employees too and no 1 canadian online pharmacy from the Googleplex every day. If there weren't enough amazing perks for working at Google before, this certainly adds to the cialis discount list of reasons why someone might want to work at Google.

As traffic has been the #1 concern of San Franciscans for ten years straight, the shuttles are certainly appreciated. But they also reduce the number of vehicles on the road and every one of the shuttles runs on bio-diesel.

Adding to the awesomeness is the intelligence with which the system is run. A small team of transportation engineers at Google not only have determined the most efficient methods and times for running the shuttle, but intelligent procedures like automated late bus text messages. Such convience in mass transit has long been promised, but never actually seen. Maybe it's time Google takes over mass transit for the whole city. It isn't exactly "organizing the world's information," but helping people get where there going has to be part of canadian pharmacy discount code the battle. Via: NYTimes

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written by kellybeth, March 11, 2007
I've heard about some of those amazing perks for working for Google. This is an especially nice one :)
written by Rachel Taylor, March 11, 2007
Kudos for Google! I wonder if Yahoo offers anything like this to their employees?! ;)
written by Hank, March 12, 2007
Indeed Yahoo! Microsoft and Oracle all have shuttle systems as well...they just aren't as technologically advanced or well used as Google's.
written by Jim, March 12, 2007
I love Google!!! To bad Google doesn't run the buses around here :(
written by Dave Burdick, March 13, 2007
Boulder (and other places) have cool bus systems that don't go so far as to text message you, but they do have LED signs along the busiest bus lines that tell you how long until you see another bus. And there's also the sort of impressive
Hallå ,
written by Ulrika, March 14, 2007
Heejsan :D Vda gör alla? Har ni låtar som heter Block 44 - Större Perspektiv ??? Snälla skicka dom till mej så är ni as snäll...

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