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MAR 12

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Solar Car Charger

Solar powered cars may still be a ways off, but now anyone can put some solar power into their car (or at least their car's battery) with a solar trickle charger.

ICP Solar offers two different sized solar chargers to keep your car battery charged. The unit plugs into the lighter/accessory port in the car, and keeps the canada pharmacy battery charged up with a trickle charge, even in cloudy weather.

"Batteries require a constant trickle charge for peak performance and guaranteed starts. Leaving your vehicle parked for days or weeks without use will slowly drain the batteries, which can lead to premature failure."

This is going to be most useful for those who have vehicles that sit for long periods of time and for those who don't have ready access to another vehicle for jump starts. It can also be very useful for use on boats and other vehicles that are less easily helped with a jump start.

It doesn't quite turn your car into a solar powered wonder, but you can claim that you get a portion of your car's power from the sun.

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written by sairajeswari, March 13, 2007
This site deals with the solar batteries of the car's.
This will gives us a great information about the batteries of the automobiles. How we have to use the batteries in now a days and performance of the batteries.
Not For All Cras
written by Amir, March 13, 2007
Unfortunately this won't work on all cars. This solar panel requires to be plugged into the cigarette lighter plug. Some cars, including mine, require that you set the ignition switch to "Accessory" in order to close the circuit connection to that plug; which means that the car will drain more power than provided by the solar panel. Worst of cheap cialis australia all, you may also need to leave the key in the car, as it is locked into position in the ignition switch. A good system should be hard-wired into the car's electrical system by the manufacturers as an option. I would say they would be one of the cheaper options if they were available.
written by engineer, December 11, 2007
The thing that I most fear about when I am out on a campaign is that my car will not start when I reach back home. But now with this amazing device I can keep the battery always fully charged and that too by using the energy from the sun.
how do i get this thing
written by lanre, March 13, 2008
please guys how and much does this thing cost i will like to market it here in nigeria

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