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The Color of Money: B of A Gets Greener

Running a business is a pretty hairy ordeal. It's not surprising that first-time -- and even veteran -- business owners don't always get around to thinking about how to avoid impacting the environment negatively, let alone how to impact it positively.

Bank of America, though, is putting together a behemoth initiative to promote greening your greenbacks. Yep, $2 billion toward things like an Eco-friendly credit card, reduced interest rates for home-purchase mortgages that meet Energy Star specifications and tramadol fast from canada fast shipping investments to cialis fedex overnight shipping offset B of A's own impact.

The other 18 billion clams -- that's $20 billion total, of course -- on the table will go toward help their corporate clients think and act realistically about environmentally-friendly building, investing and doing other businesslike things.

Via Greenbiz

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