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MAR 15

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MP3's for the viagra super active uk Environment!

We all try to do the little -- tiny, miniscule, hardly worth mentioning -- things to eliminate waste. EcoGeek has darn near stopped buying CDs in favor of buying album downloads online. We're torn, though. It's tough not to buy cialis professional feel guilty about eschewing our John Cusack-like buddies toiling away at local record shops.

The Guardian has hereby scratched the surface of cialis overnite this particular guilt battle royal: are we, by buying our music digitally, actually saving much? Well, it depends:

"The research used a concept called the "ecological backpack". Similar in thinking to a person's ecological footprint, it is a measure used to calculate the amount of resources - fuel, minerals, water etc - that must "be moved" throughout the full lifespan of a product. ... Buying a CD at a shop produced a backpack of 1.6kg, said the study, whereas buying it online reduced the cialis mexico impact to 1.3kg. But by downloading the music, the backpack fell to 0.7kg."

SWEET... but is cialis philippines there a catch?

"But the study also noted some other important factors. It based its weight for downloading on the assumption that a broadband connection was used and that the music was never burned onto a CD at a later date. If this is the case, and a slower narrowband connection is used, the backpack leaps up to a whopping 5.5kg. In other words, "rematerialising" your downloads into a CD at home not only completely negates any environmental savings, but is actually about three times as damaging as just buying the music on a CD in the first place."

The agony! OK, we'll download and try to turn off our computers right away and never buy a new iPod unless it's very necessary.

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Wonder what the backpack is if downloade
written by Gavin D. J. Harper, March 16, 2007
Hmm... so with buying music online requiring LARGE, CENTRALISED, POWER HUNGRY servers, and Peer to very good site cialis generic Peer using PC's which would be on generic levitra without prescription anyway, I wonder how much the backpack decreases? Perhaps this is eco-vindication for the millions of music pirates downloading their music for free... Do the pirates have a lower environmental impact (if they never burn their music to CD)?

EcoGeek in no way endorses or condones illegal file sharing activity, comments made are not the opinions of EcoGeek, such topic is raised for scholarly debate.
What about used
written by Courtney, March 16, 2007
I still buy CDs, but when I do, I buy them used. Support the local used music shop (and your neighborhood John Cusack) while practicing on of the big R's: is this Recycling or Reusing?
What about the musicplayer?
written by Pelle, March 16, 2007
When I buy music from say iTunes or something else I do not want to have my computer turned on - so what about the mp3-player? Are they made of usefull link cialis online 50mg better or worse materials than a CD-player or a radio? How much more or less power does they need?

Should one perhaps listen to internet radio with a Squeezebox plugged into the lowest price for levitra wall without flash-memory or rechargeable battery instead of listening to an iPod?

Continuing Gavin's thought - a site like Jamendo with the files served P2P by Bubba-servers, which doesn't draw much power but perhaps is built from bad materials - who knows, and streamed to your local music-player would perhaps be the best solution?

Very interesting blog this! Found it through someone who found Bubba through it ;)
Recycled Materials
written by Matt, March 16, 2007
Is there any reason a laser disc can't be made from recycled materials? That might alter the equation when burning. Also, I use rewritable discs whenever possible, so I don't have a disc to throw out if my tastes change. Then, too, my network allows me to play media from any hard drive in the house on any machine I want to, so some of the stuff I don't consider critical isn't even backed up. (By the time I have a hard drive crash, I'm sick of it anyway. :) )
A little ambiguous in the details
written by Derek, March 22, 2007
In trying to nail down exactly what the 'backpack' would be for the way I do things, I found that the Guardian article is not too clear on some things. I tend to burn ~10 albums to a disk, using mostly my existing collection. The article states:

It based its weight for downloading on the assumption that a broadband connection was used and that the music was never burned onto a CD at a later date. If this is the case, and a slower narrowband connection is used, the backpack leaps up to a whopping 5.5kg.

The article then goes on to state that burning CDs is what accounts for the huge backpack increase. However, there's no information as to how much of this increase is viagra pfizer in using the narrowband connection and how much is the CD burning.

Even making mp3 CDs, I get a better backpack than the store. Assuming that the entire 5.5 number is CD Burning: 0.7 download + ( 5.5 / 10 Albums ) = 1.25kg total. Plus, I imagine using CDRWs (as I do) would further reduce this number the second time around.

It would be nice to be able to we choice cheap cialis online do the exact numbers though. If an article is going to go into the numbers game, it should present the pfizer viagra discount numbers completely.
written by Justin, August 13, 2007
When they did the calculations for the "backpack" I wonder if they took into account the fact that, as far as I know, traditional CDs are recyclable. And if burned CDs are also recyclable, I wonder if that would make a difference?
written by rachel, December 02, 2007
they have the new nano in pink now?? i thought it was only black, silver, green and blue. if it is in pink can you please let me know where its being sold.
How do you by these ipods for $60s and u
written by Ashley, December 04, 2007
I'm wondering how do you get to by these ipods for $60's and up?
Adding a comment
written by Alyissa, December 07, 2007
I like this one ;) :)......
written by jess, December 11, 2007
Where do you get these ipods for $60 and up please let me asap.
written by Alex R. Panon, December 20, 2007
where did you get these ipods for $60 and up please let me asap.!

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