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MAR 16

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"My crazy idea is to,because it already requires complicated management..."

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The Linear Combustion Engine

Hybrid electric vehicles use rotary internal combustion engines to generate electricity. But what if you took the generator, and 'unrolled' it into a line, did away with all that crankshaft and flywheel nastiness, and replaced the lot with a straight bit of tube with a combustion chamber at each end?

That is the idea of researchers at the Czech Technical University who are developing a linear combustion engine, with two opposing pistons at either end of cialis online sales a cylinder.

The design of engine promises greater efficiency than rotary combustion engines paired with generators, however, this efficiency requires sophisticated control electronics to keep the system in check.

Because the compression ration of the system can be variable - controlled by electronics - not fixed as in a rotary engine, there is the possibility to design vehicles that will run on a wide variety of fuels.

Check out the Linear Combustion Engine Project here.

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A Two-Stroke?
written by Mike, March 17, 2007
The picture in this article is levitra on women of a 2-stroke (or also known as a 2-cycle engine). This is an inherently polluting engine--with a lot of unburned and only best offers cheap levitra order online partitially burned combustion byproducts.
Can work as a 4-stroke
written by kballs, March 20, 2007
They state on their web page that you can link 4 pistons together onto the same linear motor shaft to get a 4-stroke cycle (since there would always be a combustion stroke going to power the exhaust and compression strokes in the other pistons)...
written by Terry Sisson, March 21, 2007
The linear ICE is not new. The Bourke engine (1930s) design is like your drawing. Since then, others have modified it with coils and moving magnets in the center to simultaneously be a generator.
2 stroke engine
written by nathan, June 16, 2007
although these people are saying it is not green because waste fuel escapes through the exuast port
,it has a injector that only functions when both ports are closed,and as it produces more power than a 4 stroke for its weight,it is more efficent than a 4 stroke version
written by fred roberts, February 27, 2008
i made one of these engines using my own design in 1999 and hoped it could be built lagre enough to power subdivisions.....the hardest part turned out to be cycles per second at varying speeds and loads
written by Vincent Beall, October 27, 2008
In 2006 the idea for the engine occured to me. I tried to contact someone at my fraternity to communicate the buy cheap online cialis idea.

I am just today search the net and an glad to find that the engine is being researched. Without knowing this I made a video about it that I uploaded yesterday.

written by Don Jones, May 02, 2009
I came up with this design in my head in the late 70s, soon after first reading about free-cylinder engines. The obvious (to me) application as a hybrid electric vehicle. I was ahead of the times and technologies, I guess. Batteries, controllers not ready. I have come up with a better 4-cycle layout than the two parallel cylinder design mentioned. Can use more conventional bearings, more conventional alternator design components. No, it doesn't require any more parts or conversion of tramadol overnight without prescription motion to cialis info rotating.
written by Jibin Joshy, March 01, 2012
i wish make a mini project on linear combustion please me further details about.
Breakthrough in Linear Generator design
written by Wolfhart Willimczik, January 18, 2014
I think the rotary linear generators - like the ones in my website - are the future.
crazy little idea
written by Mario, August 12, 2014
My crazy idea is to,because it already requires complicated management to keep system in check,use compresed air as my oppinion it could be made with solenod valves that wouldn't require much more complicated management

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