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MAR 17

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Enclosed Motorcycle: The Peraves MonoTracer

Powered by a BMW engine, the Peraves MonoTracer is a two seat, fully enclosed motorcycle – with training wheels. The Peraves is cialis doses designed to retract the trainers when moving and levitra from india balanced. Once going it can lean up to 52 degrees in a turn. (I’m not sure if that would feel cool or strike panic)

Specs for this production model are 57 miles per gallon at 55 miles per hour and 47 miles per gallon at 75 miles per hour. The MonoTracer is based on a self-supporting composite-monocoque fuselage made from glass, kevlar and carbon fiber reinforced with high strength aluminum crash and roll bars. Engine frame, steering assembly and stabilizer axles made from aircraft grade alloy steel.

Other interesting features are:

  • 3-point automatic seat belts.

  • A heating + ventilation system.

  • Optional airconditioning

  • GPS and radio

  • Cruise control

It looks to me like Peraves opted for more luxury and speed and a bit less on pfizer viagra the Eco Friendly end of the spectrum, however compared with most cars this vehicle is much more fuel efficient. I could see using this as an around town car that is easy to order usa cialis online park.

Via Carscoop

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written by rob, March 18, 2007
There have been quite a few enclosed motorcycles over the years, but they never seem to catch on. Too much like driving a car I suspect.
This one is more enclosed than most and you would expect it to be more economical, as it is very streamlined.

I wonder what happens if you are filtering through tight traffic, or near a raised curb and you have to stop. What happens if the side wheels cant come down, because of canadian pharmacy an obstacle. smilies/tongue.gif
written by dsfds, March 18, 2007
Can I get this in Light Cycle yellow or blue?
Also available in Gold?
written by fdfsfdsf, March 18, 2007
written by tim, March 19, 2007
i want one!!
Low milage
written by Mike, March 19, 2007
A VW tdi can get close to 50 mpg highway in a 4-wheel.
This thing would admittedly be cool on the highway, but I doubt it would function well in city traffic.
Depends which city
written by sdfsdf, March 19, 2007
This is targeted for the European markets, where such types of vehicles exist already.
It would really help if...
written by GTW, March 19, 2007
... they put these casings around those horribly loud choppers! Why isn't anyone talking about preventing sound pollution? smilies/cheesy.gif
written by Motorcycles, March 23, 2007
This one is great! Nice design, it really looks good. Does this type of motorcycle is reliable? I mean, how can I balance it? What if I have to stop and the side wheel won't come come down? Though, the speed is good, seems like you're driving a car. By the way, how much is it?
enclosed motorcycles pictures
written by Kevin, April 06, 2007
I have checked lots enclosed motorcycles pictures over the years on bikerkiss.Most of them like like driving a car.

My next bike!
written by HAnsD, April 07, 2007
This definitely is my next lease car/bike!!
It's Euro 52.000 (ex Vat.) and is the successor to the amazing Ecomobile. Checkout the Peraves website
If more people would get one: traffic jams would be gone, pollution would be less, and people would all smile! ;>)
Lovely &smart
written by Colin_bikerkiss, April 09, 2007
Smart, I love it, not sure I could afford the costs in rear tyres though. Will
Monotracer and Ecomobile
written by Steve in Seattle, April 24, 2007
I've riden in the fda approves cialis Ecomobile and I can tell you that there is no experience like it. I ride a motorcycle and have a few cars, but this is no where in between - it's above both in every regard.

I see a number of questions about "what if..." the wheels don't come down, what if you end up near a curb, what if there's a meteor, what if I forget to think (ok, no one asked those last two), but these are trivial questions... Just like in a car...what if you run into a wall - or someone else. Learning to "pilot" an Ecomobile/Monotracer is as important as learning to drive a car, or operate a motorcycle. These issues - aren't issues. Regarding reliability: These are aerospace spec machines. There aren't failures. Reliability is very high. One of the Ecomobile owners in the states, Dan Whitfield, piloted his ECO from North Carolina to Seattle and the San Francisco area in May 2006 and had no issues (ok, he had a low beam on his headlight burn out!). Reliability has not been an issue.

The only real ISSUE at this point for me is where I'm going to come up with the $50K+ to get one in my garage.
written by STEVE, June 01, 2007
written by Linda Aaron, January 08, 2008
where do I buy one? I need a little one. I currently ride a Honda Rebel 250, but it is useless in the rain.
for inquiry
written by pawan sharma, February 13, 2008
i am on a project work releated to two wheeler prototype model,and the company is AARETCH SOLONICS ,and phone 917552463593. Sir, i require meters for electrical measurement,and so please if yu have digital types which can be fitted on that model,please tell me on phone no. or on order cheapest cialis online e-mail id very soon.

written by ace250winnie, April 19, 2008
Ok. I like it. Where's the gas cap and the range? also it needs to be priced around 18,500 U.S.) before anyone here would consider it...still a great concept though...
Whats the cost and where do you get one?
written by Mary, May 14, 2008
Whats the cost and where do you get one?
written by Rogue, June 25, 2008
love to see a marage between this and the Vetrix eletric. think of the preformance.....
I've got an idea
written by Nick Juntilla, July 20, 2008
How about a motorcycle with a roll cage so you get all the safety benefits, but you can still put your feet down to steady yourself.. so you still have control... email me if you want to go into business. nickatworldnickdotnet
most frequent comment
written by vernon lowe, July 29, 2008
The underlying theme in the majority of the best place canadian levitra scam the comments seems to be in relationship to the balance of the machine. The best solution may well be the simpliest. Instead of complex deployable side wheels why not simply install simple outriggers to either side enclosed in fairings. while traveling down the road the 2 primary wheels would support the viagra online no perscription motorcycle but in a stopped situation or a turn one of the outriggers would contact the ground and provide the righting support needed. This would not detract from the appearance or the performance/economy of the unit.
I wish they would bring the Pulse Autocy
written by pau blood, August 31, 2008
Check out, it did sell for $8,000 to $15,000 back in the late eighties. About 60mpg, fast, and looks good.
written by thomas, October 09, 2008
I'm sure Peraves wishes they could build the Mono Tracer for 18,500 and turn a profit.[hand built].It feels and handles like a motorcycle,because it is one.,Its a BMW under the skin,retracts are manually controlled. the gas cap is[mounted on the body,connected to the gas tank,which is located centrally ;D.Mileage is a little better than a Stock BMW 1200 cc motorcycle, despite the added lbs in weight,the body decreases drag substantially.Like any vehicle there are risks,the retracts and control of,and the ergonomics,entry and exit, and cost, are but a few of weak points,we can only hope that Honda,Yamaha etc are going to build one for the masses. 8)
What if the outriggers don't come down?
written by Claude, October 20, 2008
The answer is, it falls on it's side. ;D No, it doesn't hurt it; yes, you can still drive it like that; and a quick turn in the direction of lean will pop it back upright.
I want a half liter single for highway cruising. My current daily driver is a Burgman 400 (rain or shine), but a bit more bodywork and buy tramadol webmed a good stereo system would make long trips very nice.
written by Arrow Del, November 29, 2008
All they have to do is mass produce them :D
Mr Allen
written by Chas, March 30, 2009
Not to the best site ordering viagra online have side windows on this machine is a bad idear as you travel in Europe you will become far to hot, the sun roof is get free viagra Ok but not the only ventilation needed, I get heat stroke and have to block sun roofs off even wareing a hat is not a help.The £40,000 price tag is stupid and in my opinion its just greedy, I have a Burgman 650 at £7000 and I think thats £2,500 pound over the top, but I am an Arthretic so I have little choice what I am able to ride, If I was very rich I would not buy this machine as much as I like it why is it that BMW prices on bikes are horrific,knock out the Carbon Fibre and reprice it, it should be no more than a Suzuki Busa, £40,000 your jokeing.
written by Tom, April 09, 2009
If this is a motorcycle then that means you can drive/ride in the Diamond Commuter lanes in Los Angeles (two to three people required in a car)wearing a suit to work. "Awesome dude".
written by kafos, November 10, 2009
Why not make that with a bigger back tire (radius) and armour it then paint it coal grey with wider tires and a smaller wind shield? It would actualy be worth my time! I have a generator idea to lighten the weight.smilies/wink.gif
I think there is a big market
written by thomas lewis, March 22, 2010
for fully enclosed or partially enclosed motorcycles.Very few people get it,I do,my only complaint is the price,which is a reflection of levitra femele the production numbers sold.I think its going to take Honda, Yamaha,BMW etc to fine tune it and educate the public.Once they experience the incredible feeling of the motorcycle under the skin, they won't look back
written by Car Motorcycle Parts, August 13, 2010
Motorcycle was in good condition but low in power compared to the other bikes on the tour.

Car Motorcycle Parts

I'm surprised we haven't see more enclosed motorcycles,3 wheeler's etc
written by thomas lewis, March 15, 2013
Its just a matter of time,before people will start to take notice of enclosed motorcycles,their fun,much safer and can return incredible miles per gallon.In most cases,adding a enclosed body to a standard motorcycle,despite the added weight,doubles the generic viagra india mileage. If you do follow link buy viagra in england a search online of a Streamlined 125cc Honda,you most likely will come across a DIY Honda 125cc,which by adding a streamlined body,the owner doubled his mileage to over 200 mpg.If we were to incorporate modern manufacturing,we could easily build a safe enclosed motorcycle,which would protect the driver and recommended site cheepest viagra passenger in a collision as well as a car.

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