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MAR 20

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"Maybe I should hook up my Wii with a solar panel (but with help) :)..."

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Solar Wii!

As we've reported, the Wii is a remarkably low-power gaming system. Nintendo really has gone with finesse over brute force here, and it's won over a lot of folks. Well, one of the great things about a 40 watt gaming system is that it's possible to set up a solar-powered gaming station on Venice beach!

The whole setup with big LCD screen and cheap prescription cialis speakers draws less than 200 watts, while the purchase viagra solar panel has a maximum output of 20 watts. So, yes, the panel has to charge the battery for a few hours before you can start playing. But once the battery is fully charged and with the constant trickle charging of the photovoltaic panel, the system can stay up and running for about 8 hours.

Excellent idea. Check out this video at Tom's Hardware to see the creation and exhibition of viagra special delivery uk the first ever solar Wii.

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written by dave, March 21, 2007
awesome! I hope nintendo comes out with a beach volleyball game. there's nothing better than the idea of simulating fun in the sun next to fun in the sun, powered by the samples viagra cialis sun.
written by Ethan, July 27, 2007
Maybe I should hook up my Wii with a solar panel (but with help) :)

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