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MAR 21

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"Yep...Dave is viagra definitely American, and we do find your words to be qui..."

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Greener Pastors

EcoGeek was thrilled to see that churches in the levitra attorneys UK have started warming to levitra best buy the idea of greening their buildings.

This latest revelation -- har -- came thanks to a document written a couple of pfizer levitra canada folks with green minds in the UK. The guide, For Creed and cialis uk Creation: A simple guidebook for running a greener church (PDF), was endorsed by the Mayor of London and by the Bishop of London.

It includes chapters titled Your building and grounds, Lighting, Water, Rubbish and how to buy better and Other ideas. The tips are fairly generic tips -- check for leaks, get rid of incandescent bulbs -- that might already be familiar to folks like you, but it's put in a handy context for someone running a church (or really any other place of worship or community center) and uses adorable words like "rubbish."

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written by rob, March 22, 2007
This article must have been written by an American, what's "adorable" about the word rubbish?
And don't even get me started about the picture.
written by Hank, March 22, 2007
Yep...Dave is definitely American, and we do find your words to be quite cute sometimes. Sorry about that. The picture is, actually, from Iceland.

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