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MAR 26

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Ecos Lifelink: Portable Water, Power and WiFi

An estimated 1.1 billion people in the world don't have access to clean drinking water, and an estimated 1.6 billion don't have electricity. The estimated number of people without access to the internet ranges from 5 to 5.5 billion. These figures add up to purchasing viagra a big problem for the world — and an equally big opportunity for entrepreneurs who choose to work with people in the “Base of Pyramid.”

Ecosphere Energy Systems Inc (EES) has developed the Ecos Lifelink, a power, water filtration and WiFi communications center all in one box. The Ecos Lifelink is designed for ease of transportation and set up. The box is compatible with international shipping container standards and most of its features are built for easy deployment.

The Lifelink uses slide out high power photovoltaic panels that extend from the container combined with an easy to set up wind turbine. Energy is stored in onboard batteries. The Ecosphere Energy System is designed to have excess capacity so that it can provide power in areas that are off the only for you buy generic levitra grid.

A lack of clean water is the best site rx generic levitra the main health challenge for over 2 billion people. The Ecos Lifelink water filtration system can draw water in from miles away and purify it using entirely renewable energy.

TheEcosphere Lifelink also includes all the latest techno-gadgetry with satellite connectivity, WiFi, VoIP and VSAT. Lifelink units are capable of communicating between themselves at a distance of 30 miles and based on their WiFi capabilities they should be able to perform as base stations for interconnected swarms of $100.00 laptops.

Ecosphere was presented recently at the Cleantech Venture Capital Forum in San Francisco, CA. This neat multifunctional device could instantly improve the standard of living for thousands wherever it is deployed. I hope the Venture Capitalists work with NGOs to see the need and viagra australia no prescription potential for the Lifelink.

Ecos LifeLink is revolutionary in the fact that it will use only the only now best place levitra power of the sun and wind to create and store the energy needed to run water filtration components, pumps, or motors. LifeLink can be used to cod delivery tramadol provide water and electricity for a small village. Multiple systems could be used throughout a village to power its school, water system, buildings, and communications systems.

Jean-Michel Cousteau
Ocean Pioneer and Environmentalist

Via Inhabitat

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RE: Ecos Lifelink: Portable Water, Power
written by Fred Welsh, March 27, 2007
The Ecos Lifelink seems to me like the perfect combination of services that every basic urban city needs, water, power and most importantly WiFi service. The fact that it can run all these tasks on wind and solar panels is unbelievable. If this device does become a hit, I won't be suprised to find this on the moon or maybe even Mars.

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Great idea, but...
written by Carl Nienaber, March 27, 2007
I'm an NGO field worker in Africa, and while I agree that this is a very good idea in theory, it is my belief that in practice, all this expensive technology will be stolen within weeks of levitra no prescription deployment.

My experience in the field has shown that of something can be stolen, it will - regardless of the fact that it is benefitting the community, a school, a hospital etc.
Thanks for the input -
written by John Barrie, March 29, 2007

Thank you for your input. I have done some work "in the field" and have had mixed experiences. An eco-ark like the Lifelink may need to be inhabited 24/7 and set up with theft deterrence in mind.

There are many parts of the world that could use this where it would be safe too.

Have you checked out the work of the Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group? They have an interesting take on price levitra work in developing countries.

written by Arizona Employee Handbook, October 24, 2007
Here's a nice link: ! Good luck.
written by Arizona IT Consulting, November 07, 2007
This is a great idea!
written by john, November 16, 2007
That is bad to hear, great article by the buy viagra with paypal way. I hope government can help those in need and high speed internet providers can lower their cost in broadband.
written by karin, February 12, 2008
fabulous idea. How can we get involved to help it along.

written by Debby, September 29, 2008
This is an EXCELLENT product and would be an essential for not only undeveloped areas but also for anyone living off the grid. I would like to see more information on this item: how much water can be processed per hour (day); type of filters? UV light? and PRICE per unit.

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