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MAR 28

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"Sound great, how many times did you hear about new finding, new techno..."

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Could Sugar Replace Lithium Ions?

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The meaning of juicing up your iPod may soon become a lot more literal. Researchers at Saint Louis University have developed a fuel cell battery that runs on virtually any sugar source - from soft drinks to tree sap - and has the potential to operate three to four times longer on a single charge than conventional lithium ion batteries.

The new battery, which is completely biodegradable, could eventually replace lithium ion batteries in many portable electronic applications, including computers. The findings were described today at the 233rd national meeting of buy tramadol at cheap price online the American Chemical Society in Chicago.

This study shows that renewable fuels can be directly employed in batteries at room temperature to lead to cialis and diarrhea more energy-efficient battery technology than metal-based approaches.
It demonstrates that by bridging biology and click now cialis buying chemistry, we can build a better battery that's also cleaner for the environment. Study leader Shelley Minteer, Ph.D.

A few other researchers also have developed fuel cell batteries that run on sugar, but Minteer claims that her version is the longest-lasting and most powerful of its type to date. If the battery continues to show promise during further testing and refinement, it could be ready for commercialization in three to five years, she estimates.

Consumers aren't the only ones who stand to benefit from this new technology. The military is interested in using the sugar battery to charge portable electronic equipment on the buy viagra overnight battlefield and in emergency situations where access to electricity is limited. These devices include remote sensors for detecting biological and chemical weapons. Devices could be instantly recharged by adding virtually any convenient sugar source, including plant sap, Minteer said.

Like other fuel cells, the sugar battery contains enzymes that convert fuel - in this case, sugar - into electricity, leaving behind water as a main byproduct. But unlike other fuel cells, all of the materials used to build the sugar battery are biodegradable.

So far, Minteer has run the batteries on cheap generic viagra from india glucose, flat sodas, sweetened drink mixes and tree sap, with promising results. She also tested carbonated beverages, but carbonation appears to weaken the fuel cell.

Via BoingBoing

Saint Louis University Press Release

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written by Glenn Griffin, May 19, 2007
I think this invention is GREAT . What I don't understand is why is this only successful on a small scale ? Why can't this be ramped up for ELECTRIC CARS ?
written by Cara, May 24, 2007
Heyy Heyy :P
written by XX-Emo_babe-XX, May 24, 2007
ii am Emo my life suxs
written by Andy, July 01, 2007
Sound great, how many times did you hear about new finding, new technology, environmentally friendly stuff then it just disappear and never hear it again, however, I hope this sugar battery is true. Sorry about my English.

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