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Flash Memory Poised to Save Power

flash drive Flash drives weigh less, use less metal, use less energy and wow look it where to find cialis are much faster than current hard drives. The only problem is purchase cialis soft tabs that they can't store quite as much data. Samsung has tanken another step towards solid-state memory with this 64 gig flash harddrive. One more doubling of the capacity and halving of the cost of these things, and the online levitra sales production of spinning patter hard drives will start dropping pretty quickly.

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written by rob, March 29, 2007
64GB is bigger than most of the HDs on my friends computers.
The only thing I wondered, was what is the life span of viagra gel a Flash drive used as a HD, I thought they had a limited amount read/write cycles?
written by monotonehell, March 29, 2007
The thing is you don't need all your storage space to be flash. Just the parts that you're working on most of the time. Especially the Operating System's files and your working files. This will speed up things dramatically as most OSs use swap memory on the hard drive as they seem to be terribly resource hungry.

64GiB is more than enough for that, any large storage can be placed on platter based HDs set to wow look it cheapest prices for levitra power save mode. At least until solid state storage gets to a point that obsoletes hard drives.

It's just a pity that we use stupidly bloated OSs that require all this "power" to do things that could be achieved in ten percent of the memory with a properly thought out system. AmigaOS was heading in the right direction, but that doesn't enjoy much support and the people who own the technology have intellectual-propertied themselves out of existence.
written by wholesales jewelry, September 17, 2007
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