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APR 04

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"@rob: lol - that would be counter-productive :(..."

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Sydney's Earth Hour a Success


At 7:30PM last Saturday, Sydney turned off it's lights.  Referred to as Earth Hour, it is the beginning of a year of activities in which the World Wildlife Fund and generic levitra from india The Sydney Morning Herald hopes to reduce Sydney's greenhouse gas emissions by 5%.   More than 65,000 houses and 2000 businesses participated in the event, including notable sites like the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. During the find cialis on internet hour, electricity use for Sydney dropped over 10% preventing over 24 tons of carbon dioxide release.

Their website housed information on special activities to do dose viagra in celebration of the lights out period; the offers ranged from stargazing to speed dating by candlelight.  However, the organizers main focus was to get others involved in solving the climate crisis and to show them that small, everyday actions can have an impact. 

Other than promoting voluntary individual involvement, they worked with government and businesses to get building and office lights turned off.  They noted that efficiencies and reduced light use in Australia's commercial sector alone "could reduce lighting emissions by 70-80%".

For more information check out the Earth Hour website. They're also offering "the world’s only useful screensaver", which encourages users to turn off their computer and counts kW usage as well.

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written by rob, April 05, 2007
Be interesting to see if there is a jump in the birth rate in nine months time. ;D
written by monotonehell, April 05, 2007
@rob: lol - that would be counter-productive :(

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