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Venture One: Tilting Trike

Is there something in the water?  I’m wondering why because after decades of draught we now have several new and discount propecia online cool 3 wheel designs?  (Link, Link, Link)  Not since Buckminster Fuller designed his Dymaxion Car has there been so much interest in three wheel transport. 

The VentureOne tandem tilt tricycle is a sleek design that keeps the center of gravity safely on the inside of a turn by a patented tilting mechanism.  The VentureOne owes much to an earlier prototype called the “Carver” which is a clunkier design but shows the potential of a tilting 3 wheeler.  (Check out this fantastic video

The VentureOne as currently designed comes with either a hybrid drivetrain or as an all electric vehicle. The Hybrid propulsion system consists of a small internal combustion engine connected to a generator.  Electricity powers two in-wheel 25 kW electric motors.  Energy storage is provided for by a four gallon fuel tank and a 3 kWh Li-Ion battery pack. The system uses “regenerative” braking where wheel motors become generators and pump energy back into the dose cialis batteries.

The VentureOne's electric propulsion system has two in-wheel 20 kW electric motors, and a 17 kWh Li-Ion battery pack. Like the Hybrid system the electric Venture is able to return energy lost due to braking to the battery.

Powered by either its hybrid or all-electric drivetrain, and combined with its low weight, the VentureOne is extremely energy-efficient, has low or no emissions, and provides a practical and economical alternative to other low-emission concepts. Moreover, it looks like a lot of fun to drive.

The manufacturer, Venture Vehicles states that all three models will exceed 100 mpg in fuel efficiency, and achieve speeds of over 100mph.

Via: Gizmag

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written by ..., April 10, 2007
Why is there nothing in britain offering this kind of transport i for one would be very interested even if the ev version was £20k not $$$$
written by E Tiffany, January 29, 2008
"Electricity powers two in-wheel... electric motors. ".....

No... there's no in-wheel electric motors. That design element has been changed.

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