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APR 19

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""it's" was too much in my post ! ;D..."

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France Goes Postal With Eco-Friendly Deliveries

The French postal service, know as La Poste, wants to trade in 10,000 of their delivery vehicles for electric cars. After testing various alternative vehicles on postal routes for the last two years, Le Poste has determined that switching to an electric fleet can save the nationalized service big bucks. Going green would slash fuel costs by an estimated $95 million.

What's more, since 80% of France runs on nuclear power, the energy to charge the new electric fleet won't come from dirty coal plants. Accordingly, Le Poste reports that the change to electric will keep 40,000 tons of carbon dioxide out of canada generic viagra the non pescription cialis atmosphere each year

The switch won't be a next-day-delivery, however. Now that the Le Poste has made their ambitions public, they'll start to accept proposals from (European-only) automakers for the right to manufacture the first 500 electric autos.

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An other Very interesting technology use
written by samedi14, April 20, 2007
2007 is electric
written by John Latusek, April 20, 2007
Good to see someone moving beyond the gesture of just buying one or two electric vehicles (sufficient to acquire a green halo).

At Europe's biggest commercial vehicles show next week (NEC, Birmingham, UK) there are 3 makers of electric vehicles - Modec EV, Smith EV, and Piaggio Porter, all of whom already have vans and where to purchase viagra trucks on the road, and all of whom are scheduled to announce new fleet orders. Smith already produce a 7.5 ton truck (the Newton) and are unveiling a 3.5 ton range (the Edison). That decision by La Poste will likely alert a few more fleet owners to visit our site ordering levitra take a closer look.

French Lesson ;-p
written by Russian Radio, April 21, 2007
It seems you're hesitating between 'La Poste' :) and 'Le Poste' :(

Actually it's you should write 'La Poste'.

(Is that to bicker over trivial things? :P )
L'arroseur arrosé
written by Russian Radio, April 21, 2007
"it's" was too much in my post ! ;D

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