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Mini Fuel Cell Vehicle Gets Splinter-Cell Upgrade

A while back, there was a lot of talk about Horizon Technology's H Racer. The miniature hydrogen car (and it's accompanying electrolysis kit) was declared one of Time Magazine's Best Inventions of 2006. But the $115 H-Racer ain't got nothin' on the H-Cell kit, Horizon Technology's new fuel cell RC kit for grown-up kids with grown-up wallets.

The H-Cell kit is a $1,500 drop in fuel-cell kit for a popular RC car chassis. The kit comes with the fuel cell, hydrogen tanks, fancy LED lights and viagra 20mg a 'sleek aluminum casing.'

An H-Cell vehicle can travel at 35 mph for over 1 hr, four times longer than a similar car running on NiMH batteries. The applications of generic levitra india this are, of course, limited. This fuel cell technology isn't ever going to save the only today cost levitra world...that is, unless Sam Fisher has one, which, frankly, he should.

More pictures and a video after the jump.

Via Inside Green Tech

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