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APR 21

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"Like I said I really don't know about this..."

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Hold on, My Geranium's on the Other Line

Place four botanist EcoGeeks in New York City, nourish them with circuit boards and best online generic cialis cell phones, and soon an innovative plant care company will take root. Now, thanks to the folks at Botanicalls, houseplants have been given a voice—and they'll use it to telephone their owners when they need a watering. Soil moisture sensors fashioned by the Botanicalls team accompany indoor plants and communicate their data to a nearby Arduino board. The circuit board then zaps the moisture reports to a ZigBee network, which in turn makes phone calls to plant owners via cheap viagra next day delivery a mySQL database.

Amazed? Well the service gets even better! The recorded messages won't simply ask plant-loving EcoGeeks to water them, they'll engage in a myriad of phone correspondence. Other calls might thank a caretaker for their most recent watering or ask for more water if their most recent douse wasn't sufficient. The most ominous "drunk dial" occurs when the plant has had too much to cialis levitra sales viagra drink and needs help drying out.

As an introduction, this video is pretty well done.

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Holy cow
written by Kasey May, April 22, 2007
This is a cool technology
written by Tobias, April 22, 2007
sounds a bit like a waste of we like it buy viagra online usa energy to me...
I really don't know about this
written by Ozar Bladderted, April 26, 2007
Like I said I really don't know about this

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