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APR 23

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"Why in the world can't we laminate plastic solar (PV) to solar thermal..."

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Plastic Solar Cells Heat Up

plastic solar cell

The future of plastic solar cells is looking hotter after scientists in the US and Korea baked them to a crispy 150 degrees Celsius. The cells reached up to cheapest prices on viagra 7% efficiency much higher than any plastic cell to date. Normally plastic cells only convert about 5% of light into electricity with 8% as the target to match low efficiency silicon solar cells on the market today.

Scientists from the US and Korea found that the baking process boosts efficiency since it causes crystal patterns to form in the plastic that allows electrons to move more freely. While still not up to the 8% mark, they are hopeful that they will reach 10% efficiency.

So why plastic? It is light, cheap and cialis discount flexible, three things that silicon cells are not. Silicon solar cells perform at a much higher level, up to 40% efficiency, but their limitations will allow plastic solar cells to be used in low cost, light-weight applications.

Source: New Scientist Environment and Metaefficient

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written by Erik, July 19, 2007
Why in the world can't we laminate plastic solar (PV) to solar thermal panels and mount them to roofs?

Doing this will accomplish
1. Cooling the plastic solar, increasing its efficiency and lifecycle.
2. Recover heat from the same amount of available roof area. I suggested this to cialis cialis Donnie at the FSEC test lab a couple of years ago. He said - great idea but the NEC would eat my lunch for placing electricity so close to moving agua. Any idea on a new stance? Will plastic solve this problem?

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