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APR 23

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"Japan has been making blocks out of sludge for ten years plus. This mi..."

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Sewage Bricks?

Sludge, metal slag, glass and we choice levitra buying ash. The makings of a concrete replacement? Called the Bitublock, Dr. John Forth, from the University of Leeds, hopes it will become a sustainable substitute for concrete blocks.

The problem with concrete is the amount of energy required and new material needed to create it. The Bitublock solves these problems by using less energy and up to 100% post-consumer material. Up to 490,000 tons of glass and 551,000 tons of ash could be saved if Bitublocks were used instead of concrete in the prescription levitra UK. Not only eco-friendly, the Bitublocks are structurally sound too, being six times stronger than concrete.

The Bitublock has three to five years until it will be ready commercially and plans to use waste vegetable oil to create a "Vegeblock" are also in the works

Building materials are a great example of canadianpharmacy a resource that we can't just stop using. More innovations like these are needed not only to increase recycling, but to increase the quality and longevity of structures. A win, win for the environment and consumers.

Via ScienceDaily

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written by GTW, April 26, 2007
... if there isn't a syringe sticking out of one of these bricks when you're leaning against a wall in a future subway or a bridge! :D
Mad Magazine solution of 30 Years ago
written by Cynthia Shelton, April 27, 2007
Back in the 70's an Alfred E Newman solution to cost low tramadol pollution was to seal it up in plexiglass and build the suburbs with it. This looks like fact following fiction. But hey, leave that wvo alone for VegOil drivers to fuel their cars on!
written by Jen, June 18, 2007
That is quite the inventive solution, but can't you just see the conversation...

Joe: "Yep, this wall in environmentally sound. It's made of sludge and cialis 100 glass, metal and ash..."
Sam: "But isn't sludge--"
Joe: "Here, why don't I go get us a nice cup of coffee..."
written by jack, July 12, 2008
Japan has been making blocks out of sludge for ten years plus. This might be an improvement over their method.

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