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APR 25

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"The concept here is cheap discount viagra not to say that we can produce a house out of ethe..."

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The Zero Carbon House

The Zero Carbon House is a massively intelligent project being funded by the folks at Energy for Sustainable Development in Scotland. The house is being built using all Scottish wood, it will be powered by two on site wind turbines with flow evened by a fuel cell storage unit. All heat will come from heated by air-to-water heat pumps and buy viagra online uk passive solar. The house will even produce food for its residents in an on-site greenhouse.

The designers say that the house will finance itself through a horticulture business and educational facility.

The best part is that there's nothing holding anyone back from duplicating this project in any moderate climate in the world.

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Excellent Idea
written by Mark Mathson, April 25, 2007
This is an excellent idea, and a good model for future development. The photos show that the house is also well designed.
written by Survival Acres, April 27, 2007
There is no such thing as a "zero carbon house". The resources to build such a house would have to be extracted from the ground, processed, transported and assembled, requiring the generic cialis canada involvement of thousands of people, factories and trucks. How can that be "zero carbon"?

It is disengenous to claim that "business as usual" will do anything at all towards cleaning up our environment or lowering our carbon footprint.

The only zero carbon house is a natural cave, or mud-wattle hut built by hand and transported to the building site by animal or humans.

The concept of economic development and growth is contradictory towards sustainable living. Sustainable living requires local resources. Houses assembled from materials transported thousands of miles do not even remotely qualify.
zero carbon ~ an aspiration
written by martin, August 18, 2007
I broadly agree with Survival Acres, a truly "zero carbon house" is perhaps more an aspiration that a reality -- if a building is able to payback the carbon 'invested' in it through the generation of levitra pill zero carbon energy being fed back to the national grid, then maybe the "some-where near zero carbon house" is possible.
Project funder/originator.
written by Michael Rea., January 01, 2008
There seems to be a misunderstanding on what the project is buy now online levitra demonstrating. The house does not use any fossil fuel to run. The project was not funded by Energy For Sustainable Development. The funding has been done by Michael and Dorothy Rea and buy levitra on line with mastercard 30 sponsors.
Zero Carbon / Zero Inputs
written by Mark T., February 02, 2008
The concept here is not to say that we can produce a house out of ether, but rather that the house does not consume energy or use resources or emit CO2 or other chemicals into the environment after construction.

In this way, it's possible to have a zero-emission house by simply having an apartment block with no power, no water or any facilities, the trick is to achieve the buy cialis pill same effect environmentally, without having to only today levitra injectable reduce our standards of living to nil in order to achieve this goal.

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