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"It's cheaper then the next best thing, the Tesla at $100K and it's onl..."

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Electric Mini Cooper a Year Away

It's extremely important that electric cars don't look like electric cars. I mean, if people wanted to buy George Jetson's one-seater bubble car, GM would be selling one-seat bubble cars. People don't want bubble cars.

Which is why it's so great to hear that Hybrid Technologies is building an electric vehicle that will look and 50mg levitra retail price act just like a Mini Cooper. Well, maybe it won't act exactly the us cialis pharmacy same. It'll take five hours to generic cialis online pharmacy fill up it's lithium polymer batteries and it will only go 150 miles on a full charge.

But I guess the most important difference is the price. This attractive EV costs about three times the base price of the Mini Cooper, almost $60,000. And that, my friends, is Who Killed the Electric Car.

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written by Josh, June 20, 2007
It's cheaper then the next best thing, the Tesla at $100K and it's only slightly more expensive then HT's unsightly Smart Car (fully loaded) at $55,000. You got to start somewhere and until people start demanding electric cars from those with the resources to mass produce the technologies then we're stuck with ugly and expensive cars or burn up tons of gas.

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