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APR 26

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"check this out. a most efective and real way of umb..."

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Solar Powered Beach Umbrella

We love the concept designs over at Yanko, from Yo-Yo Power to two wheeled cars for China. But this one might be our new favorite.

Heading to the beach? Why not waste all that sunlight? And what if your boombox runs out of batteries? That's where the Sun~Brella comes in. It's just like any normal beach umbrella except it's coated with solar panels and has an electrical outlet on the stem. And, for those super-hot days, it's even got a built in fan just under the panels.

Screw it into the ground on a sunny day and you'll collect enough energy to power your iPod, your eBook, and keep your beers cool. Damn, there's nothing wrong with that. There's a more complete picture after the jump.

Via Yanko Design

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Awesome :D
written by Ryan, April 27, 2007
I would sooo buy one of these if they even got to a semi-reasonable price. I think the concept is amazing smilies/smiley.gif It's truly awe-inspiring what the great minds of today can come up with. It's so simple, yet so... Perfect.
written by julie, April 27, 2007
do you have any of these for testing? i live on maui, and this would make days at the beach oh sooo cool. i'd love to try it out
written by MJ, April 28, 2007
Just googled for a beach brollie to buy - if this was for sale...I'd have one!! You making these yet or is it 100% concept?
Beaches are windy
written by Andy Simonds, May 01, 2007
I think the concept is great, but the picture sort of ignores the click here rx online cialis basic concept that most days on most beaches across the world are windy. A flat surface like that will get launched by even a 10-15 mph wind. not to mention the fact that it will likely be more top heavy than a normal umbrella. The only design I would believe is a very thin and flexible solar fabric across a typical concave unbrella.
this is old news
written by Hun Boon, May 11, 2007
I surfed over to yanko and that article is dated 28 Oct 2005! And here we are discussing it in 2007.. smilies/grin.gif

Unfortunately, like most cool ideas, this just isn't practical.

And IIRC, Sunbrella is a registered trademark of an outdoor fabric company.
Improve and develop the idea for deal...
written by Mauro Baldassarre, May 16, 2007
Hello everybody,
I think that the idea could be developed considering that this product is not already realised. It could be the opportunity to begin a sort of buisness....what do you think!!!

It would be usefull to formalise defined project propose it to viagra online in spain the some company in order to build a prototype...why not...

I'have not seen nothing of the beach, open swimming pool, resort etc. etc.

Ciao smilies/shocked.gif
Solar umbrella
written by Jonathan, August 25, 2007
smilies/grin.gif the simple thought of this sends chills down my spine as the door opens more and more on the actual raw power of tramadol cheap no rx overnight the sun...i have been thinking of this product for years and levitra in india have some intersting ideas to add to the table and possible start-up funds to finish a working prototyoe, i have experimented with solar energy alot and would love to get with someone that has a passion for making this work like i do
written by john, May 21, 2008
:S right
Donate solar panels...
written by Jule, December 08, 2008
I say get this to third world countries, Haiti, Africa ... they need power and the sun there is cheap levitra india relentless!! Donate to some of the organizations (like Mercy and Sharing), get good PR and be altruistic at the same time.
This has already been patented and is be
written by Domenic, February 19, 2009
This product is already patented, manufactured and is being sold. The company is Solar Solace LLC and the inventor/CEO is Arian Reyes. The umbrella, or Sun-brella, is like a traditional umbrella but has solar panels on it.
Solar power for umbrellas and cialis china awnings
written by mert gulgec, February 03, 2014
check this out.

a most efective and real way of umbrella power.

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