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MAY 01

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Bigger Brighter OLEDs On the Way

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a new technology to make very large Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs). Organic light-emitting diode displays are attractive because they are bright, energy efficient, thin and price of cialis flexible. But they are currently limited to on line pharmacy use in small displays, such as those in mobile phones. Recently GE reported that it has developed a large OLED and now researchers at the University of Michigan have invented a technology that could make wall sized OLEDs a possibility.

So far OLEDs are small due to material limits of their transparent electrodes. Transparent electrodes are needed to conduct electricity to the organic light emitting layers that make up OLEDs, but the materials used so far are flexible enough and have too much internal resistance for large applications. Now researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a new type of electrode that could help clear the way for very large, flexible OLED displays.

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The new electrode is a grid of highly conductive metal wires so thin that they are essentially transparent. Electrical-engineering and computer-science professor L. Jay Guo says that the electrode should be more flexible and less expensive than what is currently used. The Michigan researchers incorporated a thin wire grid into an OLED as the usefull link discount online viagra top electrode and observed no visible difference in brightness between their LED's and that of a conventional OLED. The work is described in an online paper in the journal Advanced Materials.

The researchers made a grid of copper, gold and silver wires and carefully controlled the width of the wires so they wouldn’t be visible, and made the wires “tall” so they wouldn’t build up resistance.

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written by Ron Mertens, May 02, 2007
Hi guys.

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