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MAY 04

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"Hey Sarah, I have indeed seen that. I watched a little bit of it. Rob ..."

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Bio-Fueled Antarctic Adveture for Parkinson's

It's hard for an ecogeek to immediately get behind an organization called Drive Around the World, but then we realized it was a non-profit group dedicated to raising awareness about Parkinson's Disease. Their next trip will be a journey to the South Pole. And while they're freezing their buns off, the San Fransisco-based group will be doing they're part to fight global warming using alternative fuels.

Nick Baggarly, the executive director of the group's Zero South project, calls it a "creative response to cialis refractory what may be the most important issue that humanity has ever faced". Since embarking on a series of around-the-world trips in used Land Rovers, he and cheap 25mg viagra his team have become sensitized to the environmental destruction rampant in the third world and want to raise awareness of the threat of global warming:

Following the 10-day traverse to Pole, a two-year traveling exhibition will send three vehicles to 1,000 locations throughout the U.S. to educate youth on global climate change, alternative fuels and the just try! cheap levitra generic importance of our Polar Regions.
You can read more in Nick Baggarly's letter (PDF) to Ray Lilley of the Associated Press, who accused the team of glorifying the Antarctic in a way which might encourage ecologically damaging tourist practices. While he doesn't go into detail about which alternative fuels might be used, Mr. Baggarly does have the clout of astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Apple, Inc co-founder Steve Wozniak to back him up. As long as there are no computer generated penguins voiced by Robin Williams on his team, I'll take his word for it.

via Discovery News

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written by Sarah, May 05, 2007
I don't know if people have told you this before, but a friend of mine does a internet video thing called "EcoGeeks." It is very silly because Rob is a ridiculous person.
written by Hank, May 07, 2007
Hey Sarah,
I have indeed seen that. I watched a little bit of it. Rob is maybe a little bit different kind of EcoGeek than I am here. But a commendable and excellent sort for sure.


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