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MAY 07

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"Thanks for that plug. How about hosting on levitra for sale usa AISO's([url]htt..."

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Your Green Data Center

For the price of cialis ultimate in ecogeekery, take a look at's rig. The internet hosting company is so solar-powered that they sometimes sell power back to Southern California Edison for credits.

"The panels put out enough power to operate the servers, switches, SANs, fans, and air conditioning unit during the day, with enough juice left over to charge the batteries and mail order cialis keep the data center powered at night."

When it was time to canada viagra office grow, the company built a sustainable new data center. It's lit mostly naturally during the day, but if the clouds roll in (or if it's one of an ecogeek's all-too-common all-nighters), they flip on the LEDs. Their insulation is environmentally friendly, they've got a green roof... what we're saying is, if you're going to be building your own data center in the cialis online in usa near future, have a look at what is basically a beginner's manual.

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Host your web site using 100% solar powe
written by Steven, May 11, 2007
Thanks for that plug. How about hosting on AISO's( network ??? We have also been featured in Inc. Magazines' Top 50 Green Companies along with the Wall Street Journal, Wired Magazine, ComputerWorld and Entrepreneur Magazine just to name a few. AISO is also the first and currently the only public data center that is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and soon to be LEED certified as the first green public data center. To find out more ways we are helping the environment check out our web site.

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