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MAY 07

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Valeswood Hydrocell Bike Going on Sale

The "hydrocell" bicycle is for sale and is tearing up the roadways in Great Britain. An ecogeeky company called Valeswood Environmental Technology Development has developed an electric bike that is propelled via a lightweight hydrogen fuel cell. They plan to start selling them on their website later this month.

Valeswood's fuel cell, which they call the get cialis in canada "hyrdocell," can produce up to 156 volts. Once the hydrocell is filled with 40 liters of hydrogen, it can be plugged into the company's folding-frame electric bike. The vehicle is buying cialis online EU compliant and riders don't need a driver's license or insurance to take it out for a spin. The bike's range between H2 fill-ups varies because the electric drive train is merely a backup option to be used whenever the peddler is pooped and in need of an eco-friendly pick-me-up.

Via Green Car Congress

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Here's the bike Valeswood uses
written by Jon, May 09, 2007 The Ezee Quando seems to be the bike Valeswood has equipped their hydrocell to.

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