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MAY 08

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"The monthly price already jumped from 12.95 to 14.95 Soon it will be ..."

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ZonBox Zero Emissions PC?

Remember just the other day when we were saying that $300 was too much to spend for a ultra-small, low-power, linux PC? Well, I was right, which is why ZonBox is best quality levitra offering a low-wattage linux box superior to the Linutop for only $99.

Of course, the ZonBox requires a subscription, which is a revenue model that has, so far, not worked at all for computer manufacturers.

Nonetheless, the ZonBox is worth discussing because its model holds a great deal of we like it order viagra potential for the discount cialis fedex future of green computing. After you lay down the $99 for the machine, ZonBox charges users $12.95 a month for a variety of services like remote access, networked data storage and wow)) levitra online switzerland software updates for its open source suite of applications.

The ZonBox consumes about six watts of power and uses simple non-toxic components (it's harddrive is a compact flash card.) Depending on your current setup, using a ZonBox could save you more in ultilities costs than you'll be paying for your subscription, an excellent enticement.

ZonBox is definitely aware of the environmental appeal of its new offering. Just now when I signed up to get updates from the company, one of click now viagra cost the three questions they asked was "How much does a zero-emissions PC interest you." So maybe carbon offsets will be part of the subscription price.

Via Engadget
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written by CF, May 09, 2007
The products site requires a sign up to even view the site. Lame.

Whatever, any one happen to know if you can purchase this thing with out the monthly costs? I doubt that I would every purchase something like this in the near future, but if I did why would I pay some one to support my machine when I could do cheapest cialis super active it myself?
Subscriptions PCs do work!
written by Francesco DeParis, May 10, 2007
Microsoft has actually been very successful in the emerging markets with the online purchase of cialis subscription PC model. While it is a stealthy forray, the results are impressive.
Buy one for $249 no monthly fees?
written by Dr J C Bullas, July 20, 2007
I can find a link here: to enable me to buy one for $249 no subscriptions... if I could would I still get access to the software upgrades for thier flavor of Linux? anyone got a way in to the $249 deal? would look good driving my LCD TV :)
Low-hassle backups
written by BCC, July 25, 2007


Because you have little free time and don't want the hassle?

I am perfectly capable of installing whatever Linux distro on whatever machine, and messing with config files to get everything working. But I have a wife, kids, job, and I just don't want to spend my time on that any more. Sure, Ubuntu has made this pretty brainless, but still.

Further, automating backups from various home machines is made easier if you have a 24x7 file server. But that's a lot of wasted energy with a typical server; this thing runs ~10W.

CF, does this Zonbu thing make sense for you? Doesn't sound like it.

For me? Sure- the subscription fee is fairly competitive (last I checked) when viewed as off-site storage warranty other services (auto-update, etc.)

I plan to get one to serve as my no-hassle off-site backup file server, and let the kids bang on it. My first machines cost
written by Meghan, April 03, 2008
I think the subscription is for more than just upgrades, etc. The Zonbu actually only has 4gb of memory. You save most of your stuff online, which is where the subscription comes in. The nice thing is that your files are all backed up that way, and you can access any of your files from any computer with an internet connection. So, it's really not a bad deal. :)
Subscription price increases ...
written by tester, April 19, 2008
The monthly price already jumped from 12.95 to 14.95
Soon it will be 19.99, then 24.99, or whatever they decide.

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