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The Green Business Boom

Environmentalism’s stigma as being bad business is quickly becoming a thing of the past. “The Cleantech Report” done by Lux Research shows that in the last year green tech IPO values increased 156% and 4,093 clean technology patents were registered. A worldwide phenomenon, Europe leads with 55% of IPO value, Asia/Pacific having the greatest R&D investment and cheap viagra no perscription the US holding 72% of venture capital and 46% of patents issued.

Despite the benefits of increased innovation, the rapid increase of real cialis online without prescription investor interest may be a signal of a possible bubble for the green tech industry, more specifically the solar and biofuel segments. Energy holds the follow link what is levitra lion’s share of investment with air, water, waste and sustainability being mostly under-served.

Just looking at the articles posted here at EcoGeek everyday, one can see how much innovation and business is being created through green technologies. I hope that the neglected areas will see some increased investment.

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