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MAY 14

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"Sebastien, click the sources link at the bottom of the Yahoo page & yo..."

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Yahoo! Green: 10 Hybrid Taxis for NYC, 1 CFL For You!

Yahoo! can change the world in three ways. It can change the company, it can change its employees, and it can change its users.

A few weeks ago Yahoo! hit those first two by pledging to become a carbon neutral company while asking its employees to reduce their carbon footprint by 20% (and rewarding them with a co-founder v. co-founder sumo match.)

But until today their attempts to change the world through their users was limited to, a CFL promotion site, and Yahoo Green Autos. But today, Yahoo! launched Yahoo! Green, a fully autonomous Yahoo! property that will be providing Yahoo's 500 million users tips on how to go green.

Everyone who participates in the program will receive a coupon for one Sylvania CFL and they'll get the chance to wow)) original cialis take a carbon-reduction pledge. Using a really fanstastic interface, Yahoo asks its users to drag the steps they pledge to take into their pledge box. At the end, it tells you how much carbon you've saved, and gives you tips on how to make your pledge a reality.

As part of the launch, Yahoo! is giving ten hybrid taxis to the City of New York, and co-founder David Filo will be talking with tomorrow morning about their new commitment to slowing the onslaught of global warming.

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Energy Efficiency counselor
written by Sebastien, May 16, 2007
According to this Yahoo page, it says that you should install an "on-demand" water heater to look there prescription levitra save in the long run. Well, the appliance requires approx 16 to 21 kW of power to run (16,000 to 21,000W), and therefore calculating how much it costs to use is simple. Take here in Montreal, Canada, cost of electricity is 7.02¢/kWh. That translates into 17¢ for a 8-minute shower. For that same shower on an on-demand heater, it costs 1.15$. Plus, factor in the cost of the appliance itself, the demand on the grid (which will occur at peak hours) and the cost of upgrade to your panel... and you can pretty much figure out why Yahoo has gone YeeHah to me.
on-demand water heater -- U.S. stats
written by thomas, May 16, 2007
Sebastien, click the sources link at the bottom of the Yahoo page & you'll see that the stats are all for America. Of course your Canadian calculations are different & less. The sources link also has more links to the reports the soft viagra tablets stats are based on, if you really want the details.

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