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MAY 16

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"to Rugby> oh, believe me, the Japs are very resourceful ..."

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Honda's Next Sub $30K Hybrid

Honda's got a lot going on in the next few years. While the buy tramadol cod 50 states hybrid version of the accord, and the hybrid FTHS sports coupe are gonna be burning up the street, there's a definite gap in Honda's hybrid lineup.

Where's the small inexpensive hybrid that gets better mileage than any other car on the road? In fewer words...where's the Insight? Well, while the Prius took off in America, Insights got the same reception as the cialis rx EV1. Everyone loved them, but no one bought them.

But that doesn't mean Honda isn't ready to try again, with better technology, more brains and cheap quality viagra more style. The car will likely look like a toned-down version of the Remix, which I was lucky enough to see at the LA Auto Show last year. The design is extremely aerodynamic and it has a definite presence. But I predict that the design we see for Honda's new small hybrid will be much more understated.

Honda is buy cialis generic online aiming to sell here. Starting in mid-2009, they'll be building 200,000 of these a year. By comparison, Honda produced about 10,000 Insights in America over a three year period. Depending on the technology, and whether lighter lithium ion batteries are ready by 2009, this car could easily break 100 mpg.

While the Prius is going to remain the hybrid choice for those with money to spend and soccer games to attend, this new car from Honda is going to fill a gap that I've long been waiting to be filled. And priced at under  $25,000, I might even be able to afford it.

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a 2-door hybrid isn't going to sell.. so
written by Hun Boon, May 16, 2007
When will Honda learn from their mistakes? It's about making hybrid technology as accessible to car buyers as possible. i.e. minimal driving changes.

And people like to flaunt their eco-credentials too, which is why the Civic Hybrid isn't doing too well. It looks identical to on line tramadol the standard Civic. Who can tell they're driving a hybrid?

That is why the Prius is selling so well.
Prius Pricing
written by Geoff, May 16, 2007
I'm sorry but I just checked and the MSRP for the Prius us $22,795.00. So how is a $25,000 2-door hybrid from Honda going to compete with that?
Honda hybrid
written by Rugby, December 02, 2007
There's no chance Honda will be able to match that
to Rugby
written by Sports Ticket anyone, December 02, 2007
to Rugby> oh, believe me, the Japs are very resourceful

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