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MAY 17

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"I'm so happy about this. Too bad other airlines and official canadian pharmacy countries don't do..."

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Airline Offsets 100% of Emissions

Nature Air, a small commuter airline in Costa Rica has become the first airline to buy pfizer viagra online offset all of their carbon emissions. Last year I visited the Nature Air offices while on an "Eco-Adventure" in Costa Rica. I was considering a flight from La Fortuna to the Pacific coast. While I chose to stay longer in La Fortuna rather than fly onward, I was impressed with the quality and professional service Nature Air provides.

"We are the buy cialis pill world's first and only zero-emissions airline," Nature Air spokes-man Alexi Huntley told Outside Magazine. The family run business has turned a fleet of eight twin engine airplanes into a Central American shuttle system. The small airline makes 74 daily flights to 17 destinations in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama.

As the only zero emission airline in the world, it's clear that NatureAir is committed to safeguarding the environment and to preventing or reducing adverse environmental impacts of its operations.

Their fleet is mostly made up of de Havilland Twin Otters, which are acclaimed as the quietest and most fuel efficient airplanes in their class. This provides travelers the least intrusive way to journey through environmentally sensitive areas.

NatureAir's "green" projects are ongoing. The airline is currently researching alternative fuel sources for their fleet, which include ethanol and pig waste. (We EcoGeeks recommend Nature Air consider BioDiesel which can work in most turbine engines without modification).

Nature Air’s carbon offset program uses its yearly fuel bill to buy discount viagra accurately calculate carbon emissions. It then invests in reforestation and habitat-protection projects on order cialis online from canada the Osa Peninsula, one of Central America's most biologically diverse rainforests.

While my style of eco-traveling keeps me closer to the local population, I am tempted by Nature Air’s two-week unlimited pass which is only $349.

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written by Scott Hughes, May 18, 2007
I'm so happy about this. Too bad other airlines and countries don't do what that airline and purchasing 50 mg viagra on line Costa Rica are doing. Thanks for posting that story! I'm going to tell about it at

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