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MAY 22

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Atlanta's Solar / Wind Powered Aquarius Tower

OK, I know where I want to live. I've been thinking about Georgia for a while, but I dread the labyrinthine freeway system of tramadol next day delivery no prescription Atlanta. But the new Aquarius Tower in downtown Atlanta offers more than any other American building I've seen yet.

Yes, it's wired for high-speed internet and buy cialis china surround sound. Yes, it has a robotic car parking system that decreases driving time. Yes all 113 units have south-facing windows overlooking Centennial Park. But the building also has integrated wind turbines and solar panels decreasing the amount of power residents pull from the grid.

The wind turbines are specially integrating into the building. In fact, the building acts as kind of a wind-collector, that channels and concentrates winds into the turbines.

Of course, the one bedroom units are $300,000, and the it's great! indian generic viagra penthouses top out at $2.5 million. But it's safe to say that it's a good investment. If all goes well, we can all start moving in at the end of 2009.

Via MetaEfficient and Go Dekalb
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written by andykisaragi, May 23, 2007
definitely looks pretty. not sure about the robotic car parking system, a) what does that even mean? and b) we need to be designing things which are adaptable to long term problems, not just a static solution to a problem as it stands now.
also, no mention here, or on the project's website, of cooling - with all those south facing windows, it's gonna be hot in there in an atlanta summer. i can only assume since they're not making a fuss about it that there are no attempts to use natural cooling techniques, and that air conditioning will be the chosen solution, probably gobbling up all the renewable-provided energy and more.
now if anyone's interested, i've got a lovely batch of snake oil in...
Robotic Car Park
written by CF, May 23, 2007
Imagine a Vallet service run by A Robot in a normal Parking Garage. You only pull up to the entrance and the robot puts your car in a spot. Then when you come back, the robot grabs your car and you drive off. A bit over simplified, but it illustrates it well enough.

It's odd, because I was thinking about these things this morning before visiting the visit our site cheap discount cialis site.

I was trying to think does the energy used by the robot off set the gas used while you're driving around the garage looking for a spot. But I think you're right about point B.
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